Donc comme vous (So like you) Volume I "Something with no wings was born"

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This story is about a boy named Osric, who is about to get into the new world of a university student, he is a very unusual person since he doesn't follow most of the rules that the society try to impose and has a very clear and defined philosophy. The novel itself shows us how Osric lives in a rather peculiar way and how he tries to survive with almost no knowledge about how to relate or communicate with people, he will usually analyse the behaviours that he sees around him and will try to avoid all kind of interaction with others, however, throughout the story he starts to find people that are surprisingly going to get along with him, while little by little Osric starts to broaden his own perspectives regarding relations with others. And because of his very developed capacity to analyse everything in depth and to generate very neutral solutions, that seem to be very useful for most people, his new "acquaintences" force him to help others, which is going to help him deal with his lack of experience relating to people and will also help solving people's unexpectedly uncommon problems. Even though he changes because of his own "new friends", you will also see how Throughout the story, these new experiences start to play very important role in Osric's life, because of it, Osric's life and perspective start to twist drastically, while he experiences an known phenomenon that cannot be explained or undertood by his manners. His own understanding and how he sees these world start to seem very blurry, for him and for the people that surround him. Lets see what this "We have nothing but ourselves" man tells us in the end.

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