Crises of Humanity

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crises of humanity

Submitted: August 16, 2017

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Submitted: August 16, 2017



We, humans, are unrivalled in the range of all other creations of the universe. We are unsurpassed because of unique qualities put in us by Almighty, that are, patience, compassion, sincerity, love and above all we are blessed with a gift of choice. We always have a choice between good and bad and by nature, system of humanity is conducted by the lessons of morality. Understanding moral values are of the basic importance to each one of us in this universe because they make the base of our scruple.

We are meant to serve the humanity but the current state of humanity is in tatters. It seems we are not completely au fait with our moral values and lost the spark of these values of vital importance. Tragic violation of human rights, honour killings, gender inequality, running roughshod over poor and weak, status and income disparities, losing a sense of bonhomie we are born with and conflicts between nations and within nations suggesting we are endlessly at WAR and humanity is martyred to this absurdity. Having status, lavish lifestyle and wealth in one’s luck has become a definition of most successful person, ignoring the fact if he is greedy and selfish and look down upon those who are less successful than him. We have become oblivious of our true and higher self.

 Time has come to elevate humanity and put our differences aside. We should stop looking at what separates us and start focusing on what unifies us. We should avoid proceeding with anything that put humanity in shreds. We learn the lessons of morality but respecting it in practice and become an example is also very important. Only those who have an abiding reverence for the sanctity of human life should come to rescue our current times embattled humanity. 

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