The Magic Word

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In a temple deep meditation waits for the word....

Submitted: August 17, 2017

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Submitted: August 17, 2017



Cross legged and seated a robed person nicknamed Nong bows her head in front of a shrine in a Buddhist temple.

A smell of incense is all around.

The place emits a feeling of tranquility and deep silence.

Such a silence.


Peace and love.

Meditation within.


Nong prays.

She reminisces.

Remembering the dear parent known as Pa-Pa who passed on recently.

A soul moving forward.

To the next level.


But the final passing of the parent was troubled.

Filled with unhappiness and anger.

At the end there was only conflict and discord.


Throughout Pa-Pa's last year when it was known the end was near countless relatives came to visit.

But most did not come to show respect but only to ask for things.

For possessions, for furniture for cattle for land and mostly for money.


Every time Pa-Pa warmly greeted each visitor but more often than not before leaving the guest asked for something; and more often than not the request was granted.


Then at the end Pa-Pa was left with nothing. And it was only then he realized the error of his last days.

Nothing to provide him with a decent funeral and nothing to leave to his beloved daughter Nong.


As Nong continues to pray she searches deeper and deeper within herself for a message from Pa-Pa.

Then suddenly the bells outside the temple began to chime.

From the depths of herself and audible only to Nong she hears the unmistakable voice of Pa-Pa .

Inside her head come the words  she yearns to hear:

"My devoted daughter I am now at peace…."


And then a message she would never forget:

"Please learn from my life and from my passing…. learn how to say No".








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