They're just children

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How long is childhood

Submitted: August 17, 2017

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Submitted: August 17, 2017



Eyes slightly dimmed

A world’s wonder

Pure energy, untrimmed

A sneeze, eyes tease

They’re just children


Eyes wide open

Today’s a day to touch

Today’s hoping

So little would do so much

A yawn, so much time gone

They’re just children


On two feet

Ready to whirl the world

Ready to meet

The expanse of life unfurled

A stretch, soldier in the trench

They’re just children


Intelligent, outspoken

The smartest one alive

Takes and gives every token

For others to survive

Stand tall, never fall

They’re just children


New ready with life’s gear

The world is ready to receive

Those who fear nothing but fear

And make those who doubt, believe

Arched back, needless attack

They’re just children


Turn on friendly fire

That’s not where your supervillain lives

Calls every dear, dire

Then turns to take back what he gives

Sucked in, made of tin

They’re just children


It’s time to grow

And take with that part of the soil

They can feel and know

An oil’s fury during the boil

Crutched, they grow clutched

They’re just children

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