You Never Said This

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You are missing a day you never has been granted. If this comes back for friendship, will you embrace those living steps on this reality? This poem is about a good gift. :)

Submitted: August 17, 2017

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Submitted: August 17, 2017



You tell me this mountain is going to move,

If I feel this valley will be empty again,

More than I have felt this day for myself,

I can feel this losing call so I am weak to know you,

Whom I have missed in a silence united me here,

I know this trade will find peace to know what true love is,

Yet a time I read behind this feeling you know where our heart is,

Around us sunshine finds its shade below the heaven here,

All so far changed myself to know you more than this transitory lifetime,

I know oneday I will forget this day how love takes time in all wondeful feelings,

Inside this silence my incompletness through the rain I felt you are my life,

Never hurts to know that you will be away far a time cannot find us again,

Once again time says we belong together for a common name,

If this is our family on this Earth,

A heart must be lost to bring back the place what you have find within Gods care,

If this is our love in this family,

A faith must be given to lose all belongings where you can find peace within heavens gift,

If this is our commitment in this love,

A gifted service must be reality to share the compassion when you know where you always want to live us again,

This love for one family commitments gifts care from your Earth may be our Mother,

If you really cares for all shining stars happily care from our home here,

God if you are really there and care to understand this heart,

I want you find a place for this story all the day we never have to walk alone,

Making a way God never regret these circle of faith in our hearts within,

When I believe in miracles who knows how much beyond time hope will be those stars in any words here,

If I believe undone in the falling steps who knows beyond faith will be those blessings in any life here,

When I ever sing such song walking through this test of our destiny,

May your amazing story feel inside a gift of all riches,

One God who has shown the kindness not to be led,

But be our leader from the mentors of this transitory lifetime.

© Copyright 2018 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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