The meeting

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Submitted: August 17, 2017

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Submitted: August 17, 2017



The meeting

This was a piano song you could always hear from the open window. Sound comes through your skin into veins and then penetrate part of your heart someone called ‘soul’ centuries ago.

It was truly hard to resist the sweet temptation which monopolized her thoughts that evening. She couldn’t. Chords attracted her and made consciousness obscured.

Young woman turned left and walked through a small garden. She knocked the door a few times, but nobody opened it. Then the music stopped.

‘Did you sincerely like this piece of sounds I’d just created?’ Man smiled when she looked at his eyes. ‘There is a bit cold outside, isn’t it? And rain may begin. Could you come in?’ He winked and added ‘By the way it’s open’.

She had to refuse, however her hand reached for the door knob and it succumbed for a slight effort. The hall looked bigger and spacious because of light colors. The room on the right wasn’t closed. She heard barely audible steps thence.

‘Good evening’ – she said.

If you look at them you’ll catch sight of weighty difference between understated elegance and challenge to society. Despite their appearance,
they resonated and felt it in smiles, views and even air started condenses.

Someone said that one day can happen everything which was predestined.

Stemware were filled with wine. Adaline made a sip and listened husky voice which talked about towns she had never heard before, tragic, incredible and happy human destinies, victories and defeats, love and words that had never been told. Man, who introduced himself as Michael Sloan, was passionate about woman sitting in front of fire. He wanted her to stay with him for all time he had, but he couldn’t even imagine that they would have all time of endless Universe.

When morning came he woke up in empty bad. Adeline Stevenson has gone as quickly as she appeared in his life.


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