Spiderman's Secret

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is about a boy going through abuse.

Submitted: August 17, 2017

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Submitted: August 17, 2017



I sit still and stare secretively at your fragile figure.

Your shivering skin screams while you sleep in your twin sized bed,

As your blight bones rapidly rattle with fevering fear.

Your exasperating eyes open to expeditiously escape your nauseating nightmare.



You awake to a repulsive reality worse than your immense imagination.


My heartbeat exhilarates excitedly,

When the damaged door frantically flies open,

The shrieking sound of wood carelessly colliding with the wall,

Is intentionally ignored by sleeping ears dreaming in denial,

As I wildly watch him stormily stumble like a gigantic giant,

Into your room.


Your battered body quivers quickly like an anxious animal.

You are the petty prey and he is the havoc hunter.

You use your cobalt comforter like a shield, to protect your shaking skeleton,

As you try to hide from the morbid monster who sedately sleeps down the hall.


The sour scent of bitter beer fills my nose as he places a filthy finger on your trembling lips.

He tragically tears the blue blanket away, destructively destroying your shield.

His terrible touch turns you hard, like a stiff statue,

Resulting in fierce feelings of shame and guilt, to wash wildly over you like a titanic tidal wave.

He painfully penetrates and turbulently thrusts into your collapsing core,


 Your illumined innocence and your beauteous body,

As his monstrous moans carefully cloud your cries as he explodes like a boiling bomb.


Once he leaves your blemished bedroom, you savagely grab onto me.

“I wish I was a superhero, like you Spiderman.”

He cries as terrified tears tear across his face,

Leaving salty streaks and creating secluded scars.


But I cannot protect you.

So I am no superhero.

I think to myself.

 As I let you cry onto my stuffed shoulder,

The only thing I can do,

Because I can’t talk.

I can only keep sinister secrets.




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