Monologue Teen Xenophobia

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Submitted: August 17, 2017

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Submitted: August 17, 2017



Monologue Nozipho Ngwenya

Topic: Xenophobia

We’re not talking about love here. We’re not talking about some comfortable little feeling in your heart that everything is as it should be. No, we’re talking about hatred. We’re talking about nastiness in the soul that causes one human being to hate another human being because they are foreign to them.  This small little word, that grips the hearts and minds of the human beings scattered around the world, is the cause that creates disastrous effects. Effects that resound across the planet in the form of racism, genocide, war, anxiety, segregation and isolation. We are not talking about a Sunday braai where all the mates gather together for some boerie, pup and salads. We’re talking the opposite of comradery and affection. The opposite of truth and all that humanity is supposed to stand for and practice. Instead of happiness, we are talking about hatred, attacks, suffering and death. In a ‘modern’ age where life is supposed to mean something, where we are all supposed to be special, where our teachers tell us we can be and do anything, people still choose jealousy, destruction and this disease. Slowly this one little word is eating away at humanity and we want it to end. We want the teachers to be right. We want to make this world a better place for real, not for show, not to win any beauty pageants, but to help us all find peace and loose fear. For every human to stop fighting and stop being afraid. We want the world to unite so equality is a practice and not a dream. We want to erase Xenophobia. Kill Xenophobia dead, and not innocent human beings. 

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