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Everyone gets dumped.

Submitted: August 17, 2017

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Submitted: August 17, 2017



I was born with paint on me.

It wasn't on me in the womb. 

Those humans dumped it on me.


Only a few people can get rid of their coat.

Because they actually try.

I feel dead inside for other people.


Rules don't allow you to be yourself.

They don't guide you!

Rather they fool you.


So many simple minded people.

So many haters.

So many of these people.


I can't stand how people don't care.


I see people try to be like celeberties.

Then their paint gets added more to them.

They seem like they don't care.


Just because of many genders or sexualities.

Doesn't mean you need to do it too.


Some people can't breathe because they have so much paint.

They let it get it in their tiny airway.

I know I can't be that person.


I did some thinking.

What about me?

Do I really care for my self?

It's my decision to get rid of the paint.


I just need to care for myself and others included. 

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