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In Japan all the manga's in the country have risen from the shelves and begun attacking everyone it is up to Class 3-A and other side characters to talk and battle these manga's!

Submitted: August 17, 2017

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Submitted: August 17, 2017



Scene 1: Manga Store

(The movie opens up to a arial shot of a manga shop in Tokyo as school girls and boys are walking out and in)

School Girl 1: Ha ha, girl, lets check out some Yaoi

School Girl 2: Fuck yah, girlfriend

(The two girls walked up the stairs as they turned around as if they heard something. They seen a book on the floor, School Girl 1 walked over to it and picked it up)

School Girl 1: Grand Blue? What is it doing on the floor?

(School Girl 1 then opens up the book to find her entire hand inside the spine. School Girl 2 screams as blood is spraying all around making the entire isle red and watery) 

School Girl 2: But first, let me take a selfie(Takes out her phone)

(School Girl 2 takes a quick selfie before she could post it on Snapchat she seen the manga on the girls head as if she was being cloned, School Girl 2 turned and looked at the monster)

School Girl 1: You, Buy me!(Points to the barcode on the back)

School Girl 2: What?

School Girl 1: I said fucking buy me! Okay!

School Girl 2: But I hate comedy


(School Girl 2 started heading out as she tripped on a Yaoi manga as she fell down the stairs as she smashed her head against a cardboard cut out of Yuri on Ice) 

School Girl 2: Ouch

(She turns and see a walking Prison School manga towards her as she starts to back up as it said)

Prison School Manga: You, buy me! Buy me!(Launches at her)

(School Girl 2 screams as the camera is outside as you could still her her screams then)

School Girl 2: IM BROKE!!!!!!!!


(Main Title Credits play)

Scene 2: Classroom

(The next scene shows a arial shot of a regular cliche Japanese high school as students are sitting in a classroom)

Girl 1: Girlfriend, you serious about this?

Girl 2: Girl, yeah, its just a kiss right?

Girl 1: I guess, just no French okay?

Girl 2: Promise

(Girl 2 and 1 start to lean in as their mouths open as Girl 2 stuck her tongue into 1s mouth as 1 wrapped her arms around 2 as all the guys were rooting and cheering)

Sid Mikage: Gosh those two at it again, what is this some badly written hentai?(Looks at his multiple friends who are girls and guys as he sits in his seat)

(Girl 2 and 1 are still kissing this time sliding her hand up 1s skirt as she started to take off her underwear)

Friend 1: But hey its fun to look at(Smiles)

(Just then the teacher comes in with big glasses as he has sweat all over him, he puts a picture of his 1 year old cousin who he has a crush on)

Friend 2: Oh look, the pedophile is back(Whispers)

Sid: Also the lesbian pervert(Motions to Girl 2 and 1)

(The scene transforms into lunchtime as Sid and Friend 1 and 2 and Girl 3 all sat around his desk they ate in silence)

Sid: The rice goes on first, then you slide the fish onto the top, perfect sushi, and also it aint no Dead Sushi either(Holds up a store brought sushi lunchbox as they all laughed)

Friend 1: Just another day for the survey corps(Friends theme plays)

Everyone: Heh heh heh heh

Sid: Dude seriously, that meme is dead

(Just then one of the male students bag was shaking as everyone turned to the bag, the green bag opened by itself)

Boy 1: EEEEEEE! Someone call the Ghostbusters!!!

Boy 2: Who You gonna call?

Everyone: Ghostbusters!

(Sid looks at the smoke coming from the bag as a manga jumped from the bag as it landed on the desk. Everyone screamed as Girl 1 and 2 stopped kissing. The teacher was too busy looking at lesbian AV. Then a volume of Sket Dance jumps out and says

Sket Dance Manga: What up my homies!(Puts peace signs up)

Sid: Since when manga have personalities? 

Boy 3: Is this like some alternative world?

Sket Dance Manga: Look this ain’t Gin Tama, this is Sket Dance let that Sorachi fam make his own manga while I get dust on my covers in the stores. That fam is low(Crosses his arms) 

(The entire class has a look of confusion and another bag shook as Dragon Maid manga jumped out as it said 

Dragon Maid Manga: Sket Dance! You seriously making a fuss about  Gin Tama!? Gosh(Crosses her hands)

Boy 4: Man this day just got more entertaining 

(Just then Morgan Freeman pops in the classroom as everyone turns to him)Morgan Freeman: Hello students, this may sound weird but you are currently in a manga invasion where all humanity is at stake. All the manga in the world has united and begun an attack on humanity, it’s up to us humans to defeat them and take back our earth(He looks at the camera) I am just a dude who explains unexplained things.

(Morgan Freeman leaves as everyone is dumbfounded) 

Boy 5: So….did Morgan Freeman just say in a low key way that we are all fucked? 

Sid: Yup that is what he literally just said

Boy 6: Well we are fucked, lets celebrate to our last day on earth!

Girl 5: Look guys, who knows if he is making this up or is he speaking the truth, but what the hell explains those to modafuckas just popping up acting like some damn sitcom!?(Points to Sket Dance and Dragon Maid)

Boy 7: Look, can we please summarize it in pictures?

Narrator: Okay.

(The next scene shows a black and white film of a nuke hitting Hiroshima and a bunch of photoshopped manga pictures are flying around the flim killing people)

Boy 7: Thanks!(Waves to the camera)

Girl 5: Who the hell are you talking about?

Boy 7: The Narrator

Girl 6: We have a narrator?Sid: Look we are already losing track, this scene is already taken long enough. Lets just move on from the shitty satire jokes.

Friend 1: Just another day for the survey corps(Friends theme plays)

Everyone: Heh heh heh heh

Scene 3: The Announcement

(The scene changes to the entire student body sitting criss cross on the floor staring at the blank Angel Beats stage with the administration up there one is scraching his balls as he gets up)

Principal: Good evening, my name is Principal Yakuza, you can call me ‘Baby’ ‘Friendo’Fido whichever you like, so as you just heard Morgan Freeman just explained to the class of 3-A about the situation we are in. But Morgan Freeman sadly was found dead outside with a piece of Attack on Titan manga stuck in his mouth, now we don’t know about the massive increase in manga serial killings, but we can assure you, the situation is taken care of(He gets a call) Yes, yes, got it.

Principal: Okay we are fucked everyone PANIC MODE!!!!!

(Everyone screamed except Class 3-A

Girl 5: Did we just encounter one of the most shittiest jokes in all of existence?

Scene 4: The Streets

(The next scene shows a bunch of people running in the streets of Akihabara as rouge manga volumes chase them)

Bystander 1: Holy shit! I know I hate Yaoi Manga but why do I have to be killed by one!

Bystander Girl 1: Ah fuck! I hate Kuroko no Baske! But somehow its after me!

(Just then Jesus appears in the middle of the street)

Jesus: No worries fam I got this(smirks)

(Jesus walks to the manga as he raises his arms)

Jesus: To all manga I hear you please….DONT EAT THE CHILDREN!

(Just then the manga’s looked at him as he was silent)Jesus: You know what fuck this fam, I got some other shit to do yo, like rearrange my man cave and hide my porn collection, and this shit is above me yo. Douses!(He disappears)

Bystander 2: Well wasn’t he just a pile of disappointment!

Mx0 Volume: ATTACK!

Bystander Girl 2: EVERYONE FREAKING RUN!!!

Scene 5: The Classroom

(The next scene shows Class 3-A in the usual seats)

Sid: Wow, so we are literally fucked, Morgan Freeman was right fam, we are fucked royally(Sighs)

(Just then Joey the Anime Man pops into the room)

Joey: What up fam?

(The class stares in silence)

Joey: Really Bro

(Still staring in silence)

Joey: Okay fuck this, okay I believe Morgan Freeman already explained about the situation we are in, Jesus has bailed on us, J-Man has bailed on us so we have no one else unless Satan, but I called him and he literally says…..

(Switches to a dual camera phone conversation)

Satan: Fam you serious man? 

Joey: Yah mah boy manga is attacking us, show some assistance.

Satan: Yah man sorry

Joey: What the hell bro

Satan: Yah fam sorry, I’m a fan of your channel but I cannot deal with something ridiculous as that sounds, come back when you have a serious problem(Hangs up)(Scene flashes back to Class 3-A and previous segment)

Joey: So Satan has bailed as well which means… one will help us NASA, UN, ARMY, TRUMP, NORTH KOREA’S SHITTY NUKES, I have asked several helpers, but meh boys at ISIS will help us.

Boy 4: ISIS! You crazy fam?Joey: Yes I am(Shoots a gun signal at him)

Scene 6: Showdown in Akihabara

(A arial shot of Joey and the entire class of 3-A is walking with him, with flamethrowers and machine guns attached to their hands, also some maid cosplayers with chainsaws and a lesbian kick) 

Girl 11: Looks like I will make my grand entrance(Starts up the chainsaw) MAI CHAN’S TAKING REVENGE!!!!(Runs at the manga as she started slicing the books in half as black ink exploded making it look like blood)(Just then Tokyo Tribes Manga walked up as Joey walked up)Tokyo Tribes: My homie the only way out of this is a rap battle, show me some freestyle whoever wins wins, okay you start fam(Hits a boom box with some hip-hop)

Joey(Rapping) Okay, look meh boys I am modafucking Joey here gonna rap some lines that will make you blind, coming up the Tokyo Tower acting like a modafucking diver yah I know I am a anime youtube but I also like to freestyle some lines bitch, 

Narrator: Dude to copyright issues, this scene has been deleted from the film, if you wish to see the scene, then click the link in the description down below, but for now enjoy the rest of the movie.

Scene 7: Ending Note

(The sun shone in the sky as everyone smiled)

Girl 1: What the fuck! Damn Youtube Rules made the viewers don’t get to see the epic battle scenes that was like 45 minutes of amazing, and also they cut out Joey’s sick ass rhymes and lyric rapping, fuck guidelines! 

(Then Sid looks at Friend 1 as he was about to kiss him)

Friend 1: You know this is a platonic relationship right

Sid: That don’t fly in 2017(Leans in and kisses him on the lips)

(Everyone looks at them as they stop automatically)

Girl 7: So what now?

(Just then some big titted zombie girls with chainsaws started attacking Kyoto)

Everyone: Here we go again

Sid(To camera) Well see you in the sequel!

(They run off into the distance)

Narrator: Just to be honest there will be a sequel, so get your hopes up it comes out next year, okay roll credits

(Roll Credits)

Nick(Pops up in the middle of the credits as he says)

Nick: Okay look, the whole copyright thing was a joke, the movie is not over it is just chopped up, so please enjoy the 45 minutes of mayhem that you missed, see you in the sequel coming next year called ‘The Attack of the Big Tits Zombies’ see you!(Waves to camera)


Scene 8: The Part You Missed(Sorry)

(The entire city is on fire as the class all looks up at a single entity the king of manga, Osamu Tezuka himself!)

Sid: Shit! How come we didn’t see that! It was right in front of us, literally!

(Osamu flys down as he is in Sids face as he kicked him in the stomach as he goes down.

Sid: Shit I gotta hernia, thanks for that(Starts to sing) Living with a hernia….

(Osamu flips off Joey as he gets in his face)

Joey: Look Tezuka, you may be the god of manga, but I am the god of anime and all things related. So if you wanna mess with these fam, then you have to go through me, or would I like to fight you with a killer sushi? Its only 990Y at the store(Holds up a poster)

(The scene cuts with a advertisement of the Killer Sushi)

Lady: If you want super killer sushi straight from the store to your kitchen, now you can! Come by Family Mart today to purchase your own Killer Sushi, they really are a killer(Shows tons of sushi attack customers and eating their faces) 

(It cuts back to the film)



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