Is that you

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Submitted: August 17, 2017

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Submitted: August 17, 2017



Is that you? An incarnated form?

As a divine clone? Or is that you?

Who fled in search of me in

Another realm, when I broke our clock.

Age continues its time, but daily I am

Hauled to the moment where the hands,

Stood frozen in time. Hands no longer ours.

No longer told our Time. Ever since.

Cursed with a habit to hurt. Collecting,

Time-less watches. Parisian-made and more.


Yet in this hour, a message.

It spoke like you, identical words.

Had your quintessence.

Your gentleness and your eyes.

It aches to read and my lids force shut.

Pixelated words drag me below ground,

To burn in the pain, I have inflicted.

Too many times for the little months passed.

Conflicted to the love I feel, I wonder. 

I don’t deserve, yet another.


It can’t be,

Fingers held in familiarity,

I am sure it was you. Always sure.

The adventurer craved the unknown,

Yet its soul knew,

Even as it served a platter of your flesh for the devil.

That our essence was meshed in one.

Not to leave the other.

Its life will manifest.

In embodiments around the world.


It’s in this epiphany and belief,

That I believe happiness,

Will find us once again.

And our time will yet begin,

Its race to the finish line.  

Running on two alternate timelines. 

© Copyright 2018 Jayee S.H.. All rights reserved.

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