Echo, Music Stone's Curse (Short, Short Story)

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Echo, the burden to keep those informed, forced to sing the words written in ancient stones...

Submitted: August 17, 2017

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Submitted: August 17, 2017



Echo, Music Stone's Curse


Echo, the dear forgotten angel, sent from the heavens to spread the words from the stones above. Now, the heavens have abandon her, unable to fly with broken wings. She came with a mission in mind given by the most holy, Melan and Choly, the ancient stones forged within the clouds. The stones called out to her, then the words came off the stone, only to fly right into her. Other angels saw this, claimed they have chosen her, others say she stole the heaven's writing. 

No matter, what is known is that she remembers what was written, stating that she needs to tell the humans, but it did go as planned. She had been accused of neglecting the holy laws, having her wings broken before her trip, leading to a long fall. The humans surrounded her, trying to help. Once she was able to, she attempted to speak the words of the stones, only to have her voice shift into beauty far beyond any human's imagination. 

She did not try to sing, but the stones did not want her to simply talk, they forced her to sing when she spoke about them. As for the humans, a crowd formed, then a city around her. The people built a stage for her, and every night they gathered to hear her. Now, two years later, she reluctantly sings of the stones. But what she did not know, would keep her on earth, would keep the humans happy and safe. 

  The city is now a kingdom, her stage on a balcony, and the king ever so kind. She steps to the balcony, stares at the thousands of humans looking up at her, and the angel flying to her. He tells her the truth behind what she is doing. There have been no starvation, no wars, and no crime. He tells her it is time to heal her wings, to return to the heaven's, and to let the humans live as they should. She walks to the edge of the balcony, stares at him, then at the humans. She is smiling for the first time in years, "This is what you wanted, for the chaos to cease. I will be your instrument, so this world may prosper in peace." Without turning back to the angel, she began to sing to the humans below.

He tells her that this is her only chance to return to the heavens, she only continues to sing. Angered, he pushes her off the balcony, while falling she stares up at him. He's in shock, quickly he returns to the skies as the humans gasp and scream. She opens her eyes, smiles at the humans that were holding her up. She stands by herself, then sings while walking next to the humans, a routine made for thousands of years...

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