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Submitted: August 17, 2017

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Submitted: August 17, 2017



Three a.m. ,

I pace the floor.

Waiting for you patiently

to unlock the dungeon door.

Here in my own sadness.

I have never been so stranded.

As the morning sun dissipates .

I try so hard for my love

to illustrate.

You can calm the sea .

Heal the wounded

and set me free.

Starving on reluctant lies.

It feels as though

I swallow knives.

I bathe in anger

a contaminated moat.

With every gaze

enlarging the lump in my throat.

My reflection

in a dirty mirror .

There's no connection

to myself.

My cries echo

through my past.

I can't see clear .

To the face in my dreams

of glass.

The emptiness has landed.

My heart is still stranded.

I take this love

to the bottom of my soul .

Hoping someday

your want for me

will grow.

Somehow ,

you still drive me crazy.

Your soft brown eyes

couldn't be more hazy.

I'm the forgotten.

The spoils of tears .

Shed by magic

eyes that fear.

What will be seen.

In the coming of spring.

As I can't face reality

for life is just a dream.

Nothing worth while

is easily handed.

I'm left with nothing.

In this hole

I am stranded.

Can you hear the silence

falling near ?

To visit the river

of straying tears.

One was shed

when I stood there calling her name.

The others were from the soft brown eyes

Of my old flame.

Before they are dried

by this summer wind.

They drift down the stream

until they collide

with the sea again.

If you were wondering

if this ring was a gift of love.

It was a sign of gratitude.

A sign that I can't get enough.

If you believe

that I am stranded.

You have caught me red handed.

Misery , madness

a time of cruel sadness.

A phase of pure devotion .

Fueled by feelings

of strong emotion.

That nor rain ,

nor pain

loneliness of a man insane.

Could stop me from loving you

all the same.

I thank the world

and the heavens above.

For leaving me stranded

with eternal love.

With you I could only ask for more.

For some things in life

are worth fighting for .

Times are good .

And some moments are rough.

Yet , we can escape

with endless love. ..

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