Party of Three

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@fangirlJeanne story prompt: The protagonist take their new boyfriend home and end up introducing him to their ex and the three of them hook up. GO WRITE!

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Submitted: August 17, 2017

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Submitted: August 17, 2017




Party of Three


“Are you sure you’re okay with this Dominik?” Eric asked his boyfriend from the passenger seat. The road ahead was free of many cars this early in the morning. Dominik likes to beat the traffic rush whenever they travel. Eric fidgeted in his seat playing with his fingers of the seat belt.

“Oh I’m sure. We’ve talked about this a lot shades” Dominik said using his pet name for Eric. The mention of the nickname made Eric adjust his glasses as his new restless quirk.

“I just hope the guy holds up to what you’ve told me. It’s this left right?” he asked pointing to the exit sign coming into view.

“Yep, just take this exit around the curve and a right at the fork. Then keep straight.”

Dominik put his attention back on the road but inside thinking of all the fun he’d have in this threesome. It was a long way to go for a booty call. He and Eric had an open relationship and one of Eric’s old boyfriends is in their own hometown. One quick text and they were on the road by the weekend.

‘My boyfriend’s back, and he’s cooler than ever’ blares the phone as Eric connects it and syncs up the Bluetooth.

“Oh hey, I didn’t know you got Lana’s new album! I love the video for this” Dominik exclaimed bobbing along. Eric laughed at the goofyness of his boyfriend.

“I bought and downloaded it when we were at that rest stop earlier. Perfect for mood music wouldn’t you say” Eric said wiggling his eyebrows.

Dominik snorted. “I love Lana but when I listen to her music the last thing on my mind is sex.” Eric threw a chip at him at that. It hit Dominik in the cheek causing him to swerve a bit.

“Hey, you do that again and I just might have to pull this car over.” He said dusting off his shoulder.

“Is that a threat or a promise? Either I like both from you” Eric said smirking at him propped on the armrest.

“I’ll come up with a suitable punishment this evening.”

“And I look forward to it good sir”


“You used to collect neopets?” Dominik said picking up one of the stuffed animals on Eric’s dresser in his room.

“Girl please, tell me one kid who didn’t back then” throwing himself on his old bed sighing contently at the softness. Not much has changed in his own room since before he left for college. Same posters, wall scrolls, scattered toys.

Dominik picked up another toy. This time a faded navy headband. Smirking, he put it on and tied it around his mane of a head and jump on Eric’s bed startling him. He had one of the plastic ninja knives and proceeded to jab Eric’s side tickling him yelling “kyah!”

“You are such- hahaha asshole!” he yelled between breaths. Dominik laughed at his defenseless boyfriend.

“You love my asshole though” he grinned wiggling his own eyebrows.

“Damn right” Eric said straddling him to give Dominik a quick but hungry kiss. He then climbed off to head to the bathroom. Dominik got up and looked around the compact but surprisingly spacious room.

“I can’t believe your parents just let us have the place to ourselves like that. No argument or anything.”

“They going to some couples resort thing this weekend. As long as I don’t mess the place up they don’t mind. Plus, have you seen that kitchen? This house was the best place to grow up during the holidays.” Eric called from the bathroom. Dominik chuckled. Eric always seemed have a tooth for every flavor.

“So what time is your date arriving Eric?”

“’our’ date scruffy, and he should be here any minute now. You’ll love him, total vers, like us.” Dominik smiled at that.

“Leave it to shades to know how to pick em.”


Around 9 there was a knock on the door. Eric took the stairs by two’s with Dominik trailing behind. By the time he got there, Dominik saw a tall man but shorter than him hugging Eric.

“Eric! It’s been forever” the baritone voice greeted. Eric ushered him in and Dominik took in the sights. He was shorter than Dominik but taller than Eric. Perfectly in the middle of their heights. Brown eyes, slight stubble and goatee, wild but maintained black hair. Dressed in a tee and sweats with a backpack on his shoulder.

“And YOU must be Dominik” he said walking over and holding out a hand. “Nice to finally put a face to the voice I’ve been talking to.”

He seemed friendly and easy going. Eric was right, Dominik already loved the guy. Plus he had a nice physique. That tee shirt was definitely tight enough to ogle what lay beneath.

“Nice to meet you too Ian” Dominik said taking the man’s hand in a firm grip. ‘Calloused’ Michael thought. ‘Definitely a guy who knows how to use his hands’.

“Now that introductions are outta the way, why don’t we take this party upstairs” Eric said pointing his fingers to the other direction.

Ian took Eric and Dominik’s arms in each his hands and led them towards the stairs. “I remember the way, just like I remember the ways we made each other tick.” He turned his attention to Dominik halfway up the stairs. “And I’ll remember some new ways tonight.”

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