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Look further, for the treasure is not outside of the world, it can't be found under the surface of the earth, for it is not a material. The treasure to be found, is to be hunt by Caspar, in this story, wherein he and his friends had a wonderful friendship, that is swept away by such reasons; nevertheless, these reasons, are the way to find the real treasure he's about to keep.

Submitted: August 17, 2017

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Submitted: August 17, 2017



The University of Arizona was surrounded by a massive fog, everywhere. It happened that morning, books, pencil case and pens are falling out from the bag because Magi was in a hurry. He was running in the hallway, all the way to their classroom, the lazy brat sat beside Mason. Although Magi has always been the lazy one, he had been the wisest person when it comes to giving life advice to friends. Being late at school was a habit in every day of their lives. Yes, they are many who are always late at school, they are peers with seven different lives. Except for Mason, who goes to school earlier than the rest, he was a young and rich entrepreneur, a literature enthusiast but also the starter of the party. On the left side of the sit was Tristan, he’s already used to people’s gossips about him because he was a hunk, introvert guy. Somehow it could be ironic to see a handsome guy who tends to always be alone. He’s prone to girls who pass his way who are dying to get his attention, but neither one got the blessing. Behind Tristan was the exotic lady. She’s is Nadia, the optimistic one. Her nose and lips were pierced, and her body is filled with tattoo, covering her arms with the art of flower. It was the kind of flower her mother gave her one year ago, knowing Nadia’s life is only held by the machine, and so her mother donated her own human heart to let her loving daughter stay alive. Nobody thought for a second to think about Nadia’s situation, no one even mind to give donation nor a foundation to support a transplantation. Thus, her mother sacrificed her own life in order to let her loving daughter fulfill her dreams and goals. On the other hand, there is Ison, the one who always isolates, like Tristan, but she has the personality of a leader. She just doesn’t like being caught up in any situation she’s not even involved to. Though she’s a loner, she never forgets her real friends, and her closest one was Briona. The intelligent, funny, independent, talented but boyish one. The class never have thought that these girls will be friends with these guys. Especially the last one, his name is Caspar. He thinks outside the box, many call him “the chosen one” because no one gets his way. One word from him will let the person he’s talking to think deeply, and even logically. He’s unique from the others, but he doesn’t let that be a consequence for everyone not to like him. Yes, everyone likes him, even their professors are bewildered and are dead serious to find out what he is doing in his life to have a rare mind, a soft heart, like no one else have. A mysterious guy, he is.

It was 3:00 in the afternoon when the class was dismissed. Before going straight to their homes, the peers will then eat pizza at the sidewalk of Hangker Street, in Arizona, there were even street foods. This is their habit, together, they all eat and treat each other like brothers and sisters. Everyone’s home is far from each, they don’t mind it. They don’t even mind that Caspar lives in the woods. Yes, he is isolated from the city in which he lives with his Uncle Richie. His uncle was the one who stood as his guide throughout his life, who stood as his father and a brother. Since when he was a little, his Uncle Richie would do him a story-telling about adventure stories, these are the stories that aren’t common. Caspar had always loved listening to his Uncle Richie’s stories, especially when it’s raining. To listen to his uncle was his favorite time of relaxing and internalizing with things in life, until now that he’s becoming a young adult. On the right side, he's a loving child, enthusiastic, literate, he loves adventures and hunting. He came to love adventures because of his uncle’s habit. While growing up with this kind of life, he noticed that every story his uncle had told has a treasure, a mysterious, and unique, missing treasure. In the story, a treasure is always missing in the first part, and should be hunt, for it to be found, and kept. On the left side of Caspar’s life, he’s not an ordinary one who just keeps everyone’s curiosity. They all wonder for a reason. A very eerie, and uncanny truth everyone wanted to know. He doesn’t just execute somebody nor merely murder. Once he knew someone has done an assault to one of his loved ones, he doesn’t mind seeking. He doesn’t mind hunting, even if it’s someone in the highest position. He doesn’t fear anything, nor pain. He holds no people nor a group of murderers to do a daunting habit. He does it alone, all by his own self, with a knife on the neck to be slashed, or a gun silencer to shoot far from the famous perpetrator’s head. Hence, Caspar assassinates.

One afternoon, the peers planned to walk together on their way to school. Ison noticed a young man staring at her, he was tall, calm and benign. He sat at the bench near him and didn’t stopped looking at Ison’s dainty look. While staring at each other, he seemed like he’s waiting for Ison to come near him, but then Magi disturbed the momentum, “Be careful, you never know who you might be staring with!”, he said. Ison laughed at Magi like it’s just nothing. It was 12:04 in the afternoon and the lunch time just began, while the peers are jointly eating on the table, in their surprise, there’s this keen young man who came near them. “Can I join?”, he said. He was wearing a uniform and a cap, the guy who stared at Ison by this morning. He sat next to Ison, and shake hands with her, but in this moment, the peers wear silently eating and felt an awkward moment. Although they have the guts that this guy has something to do with what happened to him and Ison this morning. He was talkative, making the topic about this and that, especially to Ison, because he was facing her. His name is Victor. Victor Hidalgo. He also said that he’s a well-known student in their class, for he is a salutatorian. After class, Victor asked Ison if it’s okay for her to hang out with him, the peers were all looking at each other, awkwardly again, because they never experienced such time that Ison will go out from the school without being with them. They had let Ison go out with Victor, but they weren’t all comfortable for not being complete tonight.

Four days had passed, it was another dawn and the peers saw the two, Ison and Victor, being together for the four days in a row, while not being with them anymore. In the class time, Ison’s mood always seemed like an inspired one for smiling through the whole time. The peers noticed she’s beginning to change herself, ever since she had met Victor. It was a very unusual thing to them for this to happen. To Ison’s excitement, she went out again with Victor after school without telling the peers, it seemed like she doesn’t mind anymore. However, Victor gave something to Nadia and Briona before they’d hang out again. He gave them two white lilies, they are white as dove. Briona liked the flower, but Nadia has the guts that something’s not alright, thus, she threw it in the garbage and talked to the peers. “I feel something in my guts, what if Ison would isolate herself from us?”, said Nadia. “No, she would never do that, she’s just infatuated”, Mason replied. Briona added, “Isn’t Victor an amiable guy?”, then Magi abrupted, “Wait a minute, why did Victor gave you two that weird flower?”, in Caspar’s surprise, it caught his attention and merely stopped looking at things. He looked at Briona, “Can I take a look at the flower?”

When Caspar looked onto the flower, his disgruntled from what he felt, his eyes grew wider, he can’t understand the absurd prejudice inside him. His heartbeat went fast, and slowly the flower had been crushed and crumbled because he was holding it tightly, and harder.

“Where’s Ison?!” he shouted rowdy.

They all contacted Ison’s phone but they didn’t received a single response from her. They we’re all frightened and suspicious, and especially to Victor, they’re all thinking the same. Caspar went to the teachers’ office seek the students’ private information without letting anyone know he’s in there. He was trying real hard to find Victor Hidalgo’s information, but he didn’t found anything, not even a single name of Victor Hidalgo. He tried to observe from the principal’s office, he examined everywhere but only one thing caught his attention. It was from the principal’s table, the written middle name of the principal was Hidalgo. There are a lot of things going on, he thought. He tried not to be confused too much, little by little, like a puzzle, he’s getting connections in his mind. Being fooled by things and people around him isn’t listed on his agenda.

He run off from school, brought his two daggers inside his black jacket, with his mask on the left side of it, and borrowed Mason’s big bike. He wore a black jacket so that no one will notice he’s just a student, and a mask to put on his face for him not to be recognized by anyone when he’s about to do his operation. He went to every Ison’s favorite coffee shop, while observing, he noticed a cap. A white cap that Victor was wearing these last few days when he joined them on the table. He went inside the coffee shop and took the cap, taking a look of it if he might just see an evidence. He then went to the staffs of the coffee shop to ask if they saw a tall guy, wearing this white cap. One staff aforementioned that he saw that young man, together with an old man, they were talking as if it was about a business thing because the old one was holding a black case. They looked very suspicious, and straight to the white van they’re already gone. Caspar thanked the staffs and went outside the coffee shop, thinking where he could find Ison. Within his photographic memories, he can remember the first time Ison and Victor had stared at each other, in the first day before they just met, he pictures out Victor was sitting in the bench near a building behind him, the building is “Moury Inc.”, an abandoned one and no one would ever try to stay there because it’s all dark and dull. He then took the big bike and drove off the road like no one’s around him, he did overtake every car that passes his way just to get over that place. While riding the big bike, he was imagining himself, hunting a wild one, finding it in every corner, and will slowly abduct and kill it with a pleasant excitement. In no time, while he was overtaking a white van, the van was in a hurry and won’t let him do it. The two seemed like chasing an emergency van. Caspar rode off to the left side of the van and looked into to the driver, but unexpectedly he saw on the other side of the driver’s sit was Victor. He was smiling and talking to somebody on the phone. Caspar thought Victor would have a new victim other than Ison. The driver looked at Caspar, but he wouldn’t know who’s behind it because he was wearing a helmet. He let the van rode the way first before him so he could follow them through. He hid in an alley and watched as the van stopped in front of the Moury Inc. Bldg. The two men, Victor and the driver, went at the back of the van and took a huge black sack. Caspar was getting restless because of what he sees. He looked from his watch and it was 8:42 pm, he then contacted his peers to call a police in the time of 9:27 pm to come to that street. Nonchalantly, he held his daggers and was inclined to take charge, but he thought for a second to keep calm and hide these sweet knives. He went outside the alley and cross the road. He went to the back of the building, suddenly, two vigorous men stopped him and said, “Watch where you’re going, kid”. He felt no intensity, he only stared at them for 6 seconds, afterwards, the two men are about to hold their guns, without a warning, he slashed their hands, the blood tossed everywhere. Before the men could shout and scream, he then slit their necks, with fortitude, he was getting stronger seeing their blood scattered everywhere. “I don’t want to see your tears, I’d rather watch your teary blood cross my fingers”. Bit by bit, the bodies fell off the ground. Caspar took his way inside the building while gradually wearing his mask, for he won’t let anyone know his real identity. He wasn’t feeling frightened, instead, he feels bold and unrestrained at the moment. He went upstairs, silently, and in his surprise, he saw a body of a woman, cut into slices. He was trembling, seeing a body without its arms and feet, even the head. He was fighting with his emotions for it not to control him. Yes, he thought of Ison, his loving friend. The one who never did anything wrong from the friendship. He felt resentful, he wanted justice and revenge to collide, he cannot control it. In silence, he cried. Subsequently, a gun tapped the back of his head, he then looked behind. “Oh look, Travis, you never told me we had a visitor!” Victor said while the gun was facing Caspar’s forehead, and in seconds Victor’s eyes grew wider and kind of recognized the eyes of Caspar, looking at his eyes gave him a clue. “You...”, Victor uttered. Vastly, Caspar took Victor’s hand with its gun, holding it with a solid grip and turned the gun to Victor’s mouth. Right away, he pulled the trigger, and at the same time he threw off one of his dagger at the back, straightforward to the old man’s right eye. He took the gun, looked behind and shoot off the left eye of the old man, named Travis, which he just heard lately. While walking near the bloody body of a woman, he noticed a black case underneath the table, he took it and saw it unlocked. When he opened the case, there’s a paper that contains an agreement between Victor and Travis. He soon realized that Travis Mendez was an old business man who would lend Victor a $ 687, 000 if he would agree to molestation while filming it. Caspar tried to hold himself from the grief and pain inside, for it was her poor friend, Ison, whom they have molested, killed, and sliced the body into pieces. He removed his mask, and he tried to hold himself from the tears that are falling. He tried to be strong. He tried, but he couldn’t help the tears.

After a while, he looked at his watch and it was exact 9:20 pm, he left the building and the bodies. While walking on his way to the alley, he accidentally bumped into a girl, who seemed to be shocked at his appearance, and suddenly covered her mouth because she was triggered by the blood at his jacket, they stared at each other for seconds, he wanted to recognize her but the girl was frightened, and she ran away. Caspar forget about what did just happened. While he was about to ride the big bike, he looked behind as the noise of the police cars are getting nearer and nearer, and he could see the people almost gathered around the building, he can hear them shouting and screaming.

After three weeks, the peers appear to be solemn every single day. The peers didn’t know what really happened to Caspar that night, he only said that it was too late, when he found Ison’s body, with two men who are also dead. They would sob every night, and gloom every day. Caspar isolated himself, not because he doesn’t want to be friends with them anymore, but he was still in pain and anguish. They are all still. Caspar won’t stop from seeking information about that Travis’s background in life, his family, and everything he does in life. He thought for a second, this man might have not only done such thing for a single time, but almost time and again. He’s urged to find the old man’s family background, a desire to revenge.

One gloomy day, the peers have nothing much to do in school, they all planned to hang out and went to places they’ve been when they’re with Ison. They went to places where they could see the warm smile of their friend, wandering everywhere. They went to Hangker Street, they ate street foods and even pizza, and kid around and laughed until the sunset. The peers went home except for Caspar, who still wanted to take a walk all alone. While Caspar was walking all alone, he felt tired, a feeling of a need to rest. No, he wasn’t physically tired, he was tired of being wistful, of sadness and being blue through the passing weeks. He stopped at the seashore where he gave himself a rest, while staring at the bluish and reddish sky, covered by the clouds with the rays of the sun, he took a deep breath. He then sat at the bench, gradually he bent his head, looked up and closed his eyes. After a minute of his momentum, someone placed a handkerchief on his face. It didn’t stunned him, instead, he blew the handkerchief and sluggishly took it above his face.

“I saw your tears, streaming down your face”, said by a beautiful lady beside him, wearing a yellow headband. He looked at her like he had got something to say, but at her glance, he didn’t noticed himself staring at this beauty. “Is it okay?”, she said. “I-I’m sorry, to what?”, Caspar replied. “To wipe those tears.” He merely smiled, while hearing those words. Somehow, it bewildered him to be in this condition, to have a conversation with a lady who wanted nothing but to wipe out his streaming tears. He thanked her for showing the courage, and for being that sweet without minding they were just strangers. At that moment, she stayed beside him. They began to have an enthusiastic conversation, like they’ve known each other for a long time. Without realizing the time, it took them for almost an hours, sitting at the front of the seashore, without realizing too, he hasn’t even asked her name yet, though they’ve almost talked about life and happiness. “I’m sorry, I almost forgot to ask your name,” Caspar said, and she laughed, like something tickled her stomach. “I apologize, too, for not mentioning my name. My name’s Venus-”, “Come on, it’s okay! Don’t apologize, you owe me happiness for staying here.” Caspar abrupt with excitement, and he added, “Is it okay if I’d invite you tomorrow to go out with me?”

Venus smiled, she nods and replied, “Wholeheartedly, yes.” A stream of happiness is flowing inside them, for it is infrequent to meet such lady with an extraordinary attitude, and a warm smile that lightens his mood.

The day after, they would go out and watch movies in the cinema, they would laugh like they were best friends for a long time, walking on the sidewalk and tripping everywhere. It was already midnight, and they had a long walk, carrying a smile on their faces, without thinking where to go, it seemed like they’ve reached the end of the city. “Look at that beautiful full moon,” Venus said.

“Yes, it’s alluring, isn’t it?”
“Yes, and when you take a look at the moon, you’ll notice Mother Mary, holding her Baby Jesus, reminding us not to worry.”

Thus, Caspar stared at the full moon, as he noticed what Venus was talking about. It was real. It is true, he can see Mother Mary, holding Baby Jesus. It overwhelmed him, while staring at it. Caspar had never felt this happy before, but only to his friends whom he loved, but this time, it was different. Caspar treated Venus the way she should be treated, and so he held her hand, letting her feel that he doesn’t want to let her go. Love grew. She can feel it too. She was a treasure, for him. A treasure, just like how his Uncle Richie tells how every treasure in his adventure stories were found. Venus is his treasure, he had found that night. It was the night, where they just wanted to keep themselves from each other’s arms.

Day after day, they would meet each other at the seashore, at the place where they had begun everything. They would bike at the road of the forest. It was autumn, as they rode the bike, Venus was sitting in front of Caspar, as she seats tilted. The fresh air was blowing the leaves that passes them through, while the sun by then went down as the sunset reflects on their smiling eyes, and they would laugh and tickle each other’s hearts with their unbounded love.

Weeks had passed, Venus was running on her way to Caspar. She was running like a child, full of excitement and smile on her face. When she reached Caspar, she jumped and let Caspar hold her. Venus’s arms were wrapped around Caspar, and they were the happiest couple everyone would ever see. Some other time they would go kayaking, while riding a long narrow boat. They’re surrounded by a clear river, beautiful green trees and they could hear the noise of the quiet nature. While Caspar is moving the boat by the paddle, they’d talk about their family situations. Venus told Caspar about her family business, it’s the restaurant they’ve been holding for years. “Also, that’s not the only news I got! I will also inherit all the awards my grandfather got from the business, and the prize from the Food Corp., which will be brought to me his burial.”, Venus said with an unusual look.

“He’s already dead?”, Caspar solemnly asked, “Y-yes,” Venus answered, “But I never had the chance to meet him because he lives in Canada, and his funeral was there. However, it really makes me glad that I’ll inherit all of those blessings!” Caspar smiled and showed how proud he is to Venus’s news, but somehow his guts made him feel a little bit curious about the death of his grandfather. Never have he felt such anxiety about death.

The day had passed and it was already dark, they rode the bike all the way back to the seashore, and said good bye to each other. While the two were about to split ways, Venus took Caspar’s arm. He looked behind with his face questioning and surprisingly, Venus kissed him on his cheeks. It was a slow and warm peck on his cheeks. Caspar can’t help but to smile at her, as he gave her a tight hug, they held each other for too long, and Venus uttered the words, “I love you”, she couldn’t help her feelings too, nor hide it because it was an overwhelming happiness. “I love you too, Venus” Caspar said, as he gave Venus a kiss on her forehead. With such delightful smile on her face, they filled the day with sweetness, again.

Two days later, Caspar went to call his friends to share every memories he had gone. His friends were too happy for him, but somehow weren’t showing trust for they haven’t met Venus. “Before you let us appreciate that lady you’re talking about, why don’t you let us meet her? Or even give her some time with us, what do you think, Briona?” Magi said to Briona, as he also gave a look to others. “Alright, alright. I’ll go get her”, Caspar granted. The peers felt delighted and are eager to meet Venus. Hence, Caspar walked outside the school and contacted Venus. With a questionable look of his face, Venus wasn’t answering the phone call. He already sent her a few messages but she’s still not responding back. It was an unusual point to happen, and so he felt nervous. He got curious, and walked along the street to find Venus. While calling her phone. He went to the street foods, but he got disappointed for he still can’t find Venus. He reached the church, and unto the cemetery. While looking around, he finally found Venus. He was impatient to run to her and ask her why she weren’t responding back, but instead, he stopped himself.

He was confused, because Venus was holding a flower, while she was walking on her way to cemetery. Caspar couldn’t help but follow her without letting her hear a single noise from him. He doesn’t want to do this, as if he was stalking her, but he couldn’t resist. As he was hiding from the wall of musileo, he can watch Venus offering the flower onto the tomb. He tried to take a look to recognize the written name on the tomb, but when had read the name, it gave him shivers down his spine, it made him weak.

He felt his hands are getting sweat, he can feel his whole body is crying, his heart is aching so much, and he can’t take a breath. He can’t say a word. He can’t make a move. His mind is set on the pain. He can feel nothing, but the burning heavy tears streaming down his face.

It was Travis Mendez, Venus’s grandfather. The old man whom he killed, the one he blamed for every pain he had gone before. He always wanted justice for Ison, but not to be in this kind of situation. Hence, he made a decision. Caspar tried to walk near Venus, he didn’t want to take a step, but the tears on his face is wanting to be swept away by Venus’s hands, but at the same time, he doesn’t want to hold her anymore, because of the pain, and conscience.

“Venus, why?” said Caspar while his voice was shaking, Venus got astonished from his voice and quickly looked behind, “Caspar, wh-why are you h-here? You didn’t told me-”
“Why did you told me he was in Canada?” Caspar interrupted
“I-I - look, Caspar, l-let me just e-explain it..”
“No, just tell me why are you hiding it from me!” he shouted,
“Please don’t shout at me, Caspar! Please don’t shout at me like that, please..” Venus cried, while running to Caspar as she held his arms.
“I don’t think this is right, Venus..” Caspar forcefully removes Venus’s hands from his arms,
“I know everything, Caspar. I know you killed my grandfather, and I know you wanted to save your friend's life." While Venus was saying this, Caspar couldn't help his tears, he kept on wiping his own tears as he was crying.
“Please, Caspar, listen to me! Please..”
“I can't.. I'm sorry, Venus. I just can't..” as he burst in tears.

“Caspar, I'm the lady whom you bumped into that night, I was afraid because I never knew you would do such thing, but I know you're a good man. I just tried to know your identity, I tried, but I can't, Caspar. I had loved you, I loved you so much. You gave me so much to remember and I didn't expected this to happen, I can't lose you, please.. my love, understand me." As they were crying and grieving for the pain, Caspar was trying to push away Venus,. He can't look at her straight, he can’t hold on anymore. Conscience swallowed him, for he thought to be with her wasn’t the right thing to do.
“Forgive me, Venus..”
“No, forgive me, Caspar. Forgive me, for I had I love you so much.” as Venus was crying out loud.
“Let's end this,”
“No, please, don't leave!” he held Caspar tighter, but he removed her hands.
“I don't belong to you.”, Caspar walked away with tears, as he left Venus.
“Please, don't leave, Caspar.. Don't leave me. I had loved you, I love you, don’t leave me.” Venus was crying alone, for he doesn’t want to let Caspar know, that she already knew the truth. She hid it from him, but never did she knew that they’ll fall in love, in the wrong time.

Caspar went home, he ran all the way to his room, without saying a word to his Uncle Richie, who was looking at him, and noticed he was crying. Uncle Richie went to Caspar’s door, and knocked to excuse that he’s there.

“Caspar, it’s okay. You can tell me..” As his uncle sat on the side of his bed.
“Uncle, I got myself..”
“You’re like your father, who never asked for any help even when you’re in pain.” Uncle Richie said, as Caspar looked onto him and asked,
“I thought, she was my treasure.” as Caspar looked from afar.
“Son, look further. The treasure wasn’t really the one you gave love,”
“Why wouldn’t it be her?” Caspar uttered.
“Because the treasure is within you. The person inside you who will give the lesson, it is the one you should treasure. Keep on hunting, son, keep on hunting the truth.” As his uncle said these words, he closed his eyes, as he let his tears stream down his face, without letting anyone wipe it this time.

The treasure he was seeking, wasn’t really outside the world, it is within Caspar.
It is within his heart.

The End.

© Copyright 2018 Rosas. All rights reserved.

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