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At a time's in one's life one needs to announce what his position in life regarding age is.

Submitted: August 17, 2017

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Submitted: August 17, 2017



Blood went into the veins

And pushed itself to the roof of the brain

And offered neuro nerves

That pushed against the flesh

To realize sound and vision.

Then it waited for a snap

To come to life and understand

There are others around

Why some emit love more than

Others was an incomprehensible question.

But push past the barriers the vessel must

And so struggled to stand, to walk, to talk

And negotiate everything

A colossal in a shrunk form

Gaining respect

Then the shrunk form turns colossal

Respect and love mix and match

Till some form of security is formed

While insecurity becomes the norm

Past the nonsense of the world

One of these giants walk

Attempting to demolish Easter Island watchers

They revamp life, renew hope, and regenerate energy

And for while all’s right with the world

Till blood, flesh and bone discover

Another side to the pyramid

Where staying at the top is cold

And getting down is fast

Yet a blood, flesh and bone consolidation

Need to make an announcement

Is it time to slide down?

Can it be a decision made

Or an inevitability lived.

The top of the pyramid swings

The base to top balance is delicate

Must level thoughts, energy and hope

Must look at the horizon, not the pit

A moment in time will come when

Blood will not do its job while all else will

Need to make an announcement

Need to make an announcement

Need to usher in a new age

That’s the younger than the older one

This is the announcement.

This is the announcement.

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