Open your eyes

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Submitted: August 18, 2017

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Submitted: August 18, 2017




Open your eyes


It was spring outside, and she was in love. They had maths, but Kaylee could not concentrate on the numbers that danced before her eyes. She was thinking about his neck, that she saw in the corridor earlier today. His lovely, sunburned neck and his soft auburn curls. She thought about how they would feel under her fingers, if she could touch him. They were probably soft like feathers. Dreamingly she stared out the window, maybe he was just outside right now?

“No, stop it! You’re just being silly. You have never even talked to him, he doesn’t know you exist. Stop being so naive, he could never be yours.”

Kaylee sighed and turned to her algebra. Even though she knew her yearning was unreasonable, it was just as impossible to ignore. If at least she could talk about with her best friend San. Her full name was Sandra, but Kaylee had never heard anyone call her that. They had been together for as long as she could know, they were best friends even in kindergarten. “We are like sisters”, San said once. Kaylee could never part from her. Kaylee turned her head around and looked at San as she sat next to her, bent over her books. In regards of appearance they were as alike as night and day, or a lioness and a rat. San had wild hair that stood out in every direction possible, without taking any notice of the laws of physics, and golden brown eyes who always smiled. Kaylee, on the other hand had grey, shallow eyes and dull, brown hair. If San was the sun Kaylee wouldn’t even be the moon. She would be a pile of dirt.

They had always been able to talk about everything with each other, they’d always shared their little secrets. But whenever Kaylee tried to talk to her about him San turned quiet or tried to lead the conversation in another direction. It was so unlike her. She had tried to ask her what it was about, but San just looked away, so Kaylee let it go, she didn’t want to push her. But still she wondered.  

At lunch Kaylee tried to bring it up again.

“Did you see him in the corridor today? Gosh, he was like just in front of me. He’s hot, don’t you think?”  San didn’t respond. She just peck at her food and looked all blank. Something was wrong, San was always happy and bubbly of things to talk about. Kaylee puckered up her brows.

“San, what is it? Why aren’t you talking to me? Has something happened?” Kaylee reached for her hand, but San dragged it away, as if Kaylee’s touch had burned her.

“Everythings fine, okay?” San snapped. “Fine”, Kaylee thought—she could be rude too.

“Sorry for asking, I was just trying to be nice, unlike someone else”, Kaylee spat out. “Why don’t you try caring about something else than your own problems for just a sec, or is that too much to ask?” San looked up at her, and then she burst into tears. “Maybe I stepped over the line, I shouldn’t have been so harsh on her. And who am I to judge, aren’t I just as selfish?” Kaylee thought.

“Look San, I’m really sorry, I didn’t mean it. Please talk to me, I care about you and I hate to see you this sad. I’m really sorry, okay? Tell me, what is it?”

San looked at her, she was thinking. Then she took a deep breath.

“I got an F on my French test”, San said.

“Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that. Sorry for being so insensitive, I wasn’t thinking clearly. But, c’mon, it just one tiny test, nothing important. We can have ice cream after school tomorrow, would that make you feel better?” San smiled:

“Ya, that would be nice, thanks. Sorry for snapping at you, I think I woke up on the wrong side today”, she said. Kaylee smiled back at her.

“I’m glad we’re friends again. Come here”, Kaylee said and stood up to hug her. San answered her embrace but she felt stiff in her arms.

“I have to go now, I have Spanish. See ya after school”, Kaylee said and made her way out the canteen.

Her class wasn’t for another 20 minutes, but she needed time to think. Why was San lying to her? No way she could have gotten an F on her test, San was the best in her group, she always got A+++. Why did San lie to her? And why was she uncomfortable with her touch, it had never been so before. Why was San acting so strange? Had something happened? The more Kaylee thought about it, the more confused she got. She decided to let it go, and staprted walking to her locker. Then suddenly she saw him at the end of the corridor, he was walking towards her. She turned stiff, and she felt a blush suffusing over her cheeks. “Walk on, look down, don’t let him see you blushing. C’mon!” she thought, but she couldn’t move. The moment he walked past her Kaylee couldn’t stop herself from looking up at him. He smiled at her and she smiled back. For a second their eyes met, and then he was gone. She just stood there, numb. “He smiled at me! Maybe he likes me? No, he was just being polite. It meant nothing. But, maybe?” she thought, and felt a bit dizzy, with all the thoughts tumbling in her head. She started to walk again. How long had she been in love with him? She couldn’t remember, maybe four months? She didn’t even know his name. She hadn't seen him before that, maybe he was new in town. It was silly, she had tried to let it go, but the thought of him always came back, like a stupid hit-song. The thought of her in his arms made her knees shake. “No, go away! You’re stupid, let it go! Stop trying to fly so darn high, it will only hurt when you crash. You’re being naive, and so silly. Let it go!” But she couldn’t, it was hopeless. She sighed and walked on. If only she could talk to San, if only she would listen. Kaylee hated to keep it all inside of her, but she didn’t have a choice.

After school they met up and walked home together. Although she knew it was stupid to bring it up again she just couldn’t keep it inside.

“I saw him in the corridor just after we parted. I looked at him and he smiled at me. Can you believe it, he smiled at me! Isn’t it wonderful?” she said hopefully, but San just looked away.

“Did we get any homework in English?” she said uninterested. Then Kaylee lost it.

“Gosh, what’s your problem? Why have you been acting so strange, why won’t you talk to me?” She narrowed her eyes. “Are you jealous? Is that it? Well, he’s mine, okay?”

“Yours? Really?! You don’t even know his name,” she shouted. “Stop being so unreasonable, for god’s sake. It’s unbearable to be around you, when you’re this self centered. Look around Kaylee. It wouldn’t hurt if you’d open your eyes. I care about you you. I always have”, she said with a shaky voice. San was crying now and she took Kaylee’s hand in hers and stroke her fingers gently along its back. Then she stepped back startled and looked at Kaylee with big eyes. San turned around and ran. Kaylee stood there completely taken aback. What had just happened? She was thinking so hard that it hurt. Now it came to her.

“Shit,” she said. Now she understood. Why she had acted so strange. Why she hadn’t talked to her. Why she turned stiff by her touch. “My best friend, my dear San”, she thought. Kaylee ran after her.

It was spring outside, and she was in love.

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