Angel's Eyes Chapter 1

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Love is Blind ?
Blindness could be healed by Love ?

this's first short story and this's just fiction

hope you like it!

Submitted: August 18, 2017

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Submitted: August 18, 2017



Chapter 1

Angel was little girl who raised in small town, she grew up as a beautiful girl with all perfections, she usually called"flower from heaven" because of her beauty but it made her being arrogant.

One day, angel's family celebrated angel's birthday all people invited to come to her birthday.

Suddenly there was an angel who covered up being an old man came to angel's home, Angel was curious and surprised she asked to herself"who's he? who invites him?" The old man bowed and did kneel onto Angel and gave a bucket of flower to her but Angel laughed and said to all people who saw that thing , She accepted that flower and the old man smiled.

But, Angel threw that flower and said" hey look at you the old man! you give me flower? And you hope i will accept it? i'm sorry i'm a girl who's very beautiful there are lots of men falling in love with me but i reject anything that they give to me and you come and give me a bucket of flower? dont you see yourself in the mirror? you're just old man who will die immediately..."

Before angel continued her says suddenly the old man changed being an angel who had two wings and his face was so handsome , Angel and all people were surprised for twice. When all people still abstracted that Angel said"Girl, your beauty makes you arrogant and it will be disaster for you , your family and people around you. i will curse you i will make you blind so that you know that beauty without good attitude is zero , that curse will end if you find someone who loves you sincerely without caring of your beauty or your blindness he will love you just the way you are he will be eyes to you see"

Angel was scared she couldnt see anything she just could see darkness she cried and said" forgive me please! I dont wanna be like this i wanna see again" but an angel had gone she was late..........

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