The Lion's Den

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A poem that shows "The Coming of Age" state. The Lion's Den is referred to the soul of a young child who must face the challenges (the beast) of becoming a man.

Submitted: August 18, 2017

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Submitted: August 18, 2017



I have seen inside the den,

Only death lays within.

I have seen its eyes,

Where a grown man’s soul dies.

But I have never seen the beast within,

That lays in the den.

I have seen the strongest enter,

But never return.

I’ve heard their cries,

As each boy dies.

All boys who become men

Take this journey into the den,

Where the beast lays within.

This defines us warriors.

The boy we were dies

As a new man exits facing the skies.

I am still a boy now,

But do I enter and become a man

And face the beast within,

Or do I stay a child

And never enter the den.

But one day I’ll have to face the beast within,

That lays in the Lion’s Den.

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