Tremendous Revolutionary

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This is a short story about a fictional city, Bloomfield. How it's prosperity graph faced a downfall and how it regained the former status.

Submitted: August 18, 2017

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Submitted: August 18, 2017



A Tremendous Revolutionary, Irvin Ken

By: Muhammad Murad


The clouds of boredom covered the town. It was after a long heyday. The populace was in extreme desperation and brunt. They ought to pursue their benefactor who would bring prosperity again. Many sincere efforts were made in this regard but the fortune seemed to be combusted. Each Mayor assured to get rid of that curse, annually but withdrew afterwards.

Stuart Morris was selected as the new Mayor of Bloomfield for the third time. He did the same promises but made the people foolish as a result. Mayor organized a meeting on the first day of his charge; he called every minister and politician. The step of keeping the meeting public was neo but the public response was not appreciable as they conceived it to be futile.

Politicians, ministers and the public gathered at the specified time. The Mayor welcomed them and without wasting time, began the meeting.

"As you know ladies and gentlemen, I, Stuart Morris, am the new Mayor of Bloomfield"

Public conceded and the Mayor begin again.

"Tell me in front of the public what is the reason of Bloomfield's misery?"

The Mayor pointed the politicians and ministers, who seemed astonished. There was a long pause...

"A thief never admits his sin!"

The Mayor's comments were critical. The public was extremely puzzled, but the politicians or the ministers didn't bothered; everybody was silent.

"I think I should explain it to the public myself..."

"Wait, we don't know what you're talking about. How do we know the reason of Bloomfield's miseries??"

The public nodded the minister's remark.

"You've been working for Bloomfield, you must know and if you don't, I should punish you for you disloyalty. Shouldn't I?"

The Mayor amazed the gathering again. He was right, public realized. Public raised slogans against the ministers and politicians.

"Look at them, they want penalty to be imposed on you. Tell me else I'll have to follow public decision"

The Mayor made them mute.

"Look Mayor, we know nothing and if you can prove our dishonesty, then we bet you do that"

A politician remarked again. The dialogue get extreme public attention.

"We can't afford this blame game, come on hurry up. I don't have much time to waste...”

The mayor looked towards the public who acceded to his comments.

There was a long suspension again.

"Don't be frustrated, I'll explain it to the public!"

The Mayor looked at the public and smiled.

"You should mind your business or you'll pay for it"

A minister's statement made everyone silent.

"Me? How would I pay?"

The Mayor was still calm; the public appreciated his perseverance.

"Yes you Stuart!"

Another minister added a frustrated comment.

"Nice, I like your unity; if it was used positively!"

The Mayor mocked; the situation energized public involvement.

"Just a final touch, somebody wants to add something or I should take a start?"

The Mayor looked at the politicians and the ministers in a warning and asking manner.

Nobody responded but the Mayor didn't get furious.

"Sure, as you wish. May I have your attention please, the residents of Bloomfield?"

The public shouted: "Yes".

"Good; to be very straightforward, these dirty politicians and ministers have spoiled Bloomfield"

The politicians and the minsters wanted to interrupt but the Mayor continued.

"I can bet these are the cause of the downfall of your beloved town; they have eaten up everything, if you people have doubts, go check their houses. I have examined everything keenly, most of the resources are unutilized so far. They have spent more than enough on their security, money laundering is their hobby"

One of the minister stood up and exclaimed:

“It seems you’re an angel, what about yourself?”

The Mayor didn’t noticed and went to his office.

“Look! He didn’t answered. It means he is a criminal himself”

One of the minister took Mayor’s silence as his approval of sins and solicited the innocent public against the Mayor.

“What did he do, just blamed us without proof; even we can do this and blame him but we are sane”

Another minister joined the first one.

The public had the vision already that the meeting would result nothing and the same had happened.

They were confused; to believe in Mayor or the ministers and politicians confused the public.

Everybody left the meeting place and everyone forget about that meeting after few days. Public accepted their miserable fate.

It was after few months that a foreign paper exposed the reality of the Mayor of Bloomfield as well as some politicians and ministers.

Most of the people were illiterate and a few educated-illiterate. This was a very sensitive moment for Bloomfield. The official newspaper of that country claimed that the named people including politicians, Mayors, and ministers, had their offshore companies in that state. The owners of these companies didn’t showed them in their assets; it was illegal business.

People of Bloomfield were very much amazed; their Mayor seemed to be very honest and pathetic. But the disclosure turned the tables. Many of Mayor’s supporters thought it to be a conspiracy; a few educated people took it seriously.

“We want accountability of Mayor and all named politicians and ministers!”

Public raised these slogans all over the Bloomfield. But the Mayor made them believe that it was a plot against Bloomfield; the innocent and self-centered public believed it. Because they had no other option.

There were a number of people who researched on that issue and concluded that the Mayor and the named ministers and politicians are all criminals. But they were a few.

Those few decided to protest against the criminals and demanded neutral accountability. But their demands didn’t fulfilled. So they kept protesting.

Soon their request fulfilled. The most respectable and authoritative Court of Bloomfield approved to make the named people answer about the claims of the foreign paper.

The Court made a five-member committee and ordered them to examine the matter. Ask the representatives about those companies and prepare a several volume final report. Public had their eye on that committee. The committee took its time. After five months, the result was submitted to the Court.

That day, the committee was bound to declare the final result in public. Everybody had a hope for betterment.

Finally, the committee announced the result in public.

The most senior member of the committee said:

“Today, we are going to tell you the conclusion which we have come to. The Mayor, Stuart Morris, is found guilty. He was unable to prove his assets’ legality. He did not submitted his money trails of his flats and his companies in foreign countries. His children as well, who are the owner of their respective companies and flats, are also guilty. They are also unable to prove their innocence. We have submitted all the volumes of report to the Court. Now, Court will do its task. We conclude our conference. Thanks for your cooperation!”

The public got out of control; the supporters and anti-Mayor had a clash. Police controlled the situation effectively.

After that, Court started its work and it took a few months and came to the same conclusion that “Mayor, politicians and all named minsters and their children are guilty”

The Court suspended the eligibility of the Mayor for the whole life. People selected the new Mayor who was also a member of Mayor’s party.

After a few days silence, the ex-Mayor started a protesting rally against the Court’s decision. He managed to arrange thousands of people through his wealth. Route of the rally was from the Capital city to Bloomfield. During the rally, the ex-Mayor kept claiming the decision of the Court is merely a conspiracy.

If a person speaks against the Courts, he could be imprisoned legally.

But people soon realized his cunningness and demanded to imprison him lifetime. The Court did the same. Stuart Morris was imprisoned along with the other criminals.

 Bloomfield prospered again. It was only because of the sincerest, honest, humble and best efforts of the most famous politician of Bloomfield, Irvin Ken.

Irvin Ken was in opposition of Stuart Morris during his time. He was well-aware of Stuart’s and his fellow’s deeds. It was Irvin Ken’s moral sense which he raised in public and soon got the desired results. He always claimed that he will make a new Bloomfield. Public raised slogans:

“Irvin’s revolution has entered Bloomfield!”

Irvin Ken really proved his awesomeness.



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