Solitary Pack Species

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When I look around at all the reported trouble in the world I find i can make the connection between us humans being both a solitary and a pack species at the same time

Submitted: August 18, 2017

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Submitted: August 18, 2017



Most of the reported trouble in the world today is about "perceived" territorial rights.

I can still vividly remember when Britain sent their war fleet to "The ends of the earth" near the Polar region to reclaim a disputed small strategic island from Argentina that the "argy's" had suddenly claimed as their own by raising their flag and lowering the British flag.This took place about 20 years ago or so.

Their is a multitude of such territorial disputes about "perceived" territorial rights going on in the world as I write this article and many of them could quite easily escalate into "war" between the two countries concerned at any time.People who read newspapers or follow the news on the internet or television can readily name some of them.

Us Human Species are really solitary people who are by circumstance forced to live as "Pack" animals in many instances.For example how many of us would choose to share our home with a group of strangers if we did not have to.

The same can be said of countries with common borders or territory gained by an act of war decades or even centuries ago.

As I write this China has reclaimed the whole of the South china Sea by military force saying that traditionally it is their preceived territory going back centuries.

North and South Korea and North and South Vietnam are other major examples of going to war to settle the perception of who is entitled to what.India and Pakistan are not friends and acts of aggression are not uncommon from time to time.

When left as as small groups under a common set of rules us humans do oke within reason but" pit" one group against another and create a "pack" environment and we as a species are headed to a place none of us as indivuduals would like to be.

Today's world environment is becoming more toxic each passing day and "this clever solitary species" known as modern man and about 160,000 years old that once lived quite well in small groups is finding "THE PACK" mentality of 2017 a hurdle too hard to surmount.

I wonder if in even 50 years time someone who writes a similar article to this one will speak of  manmade and natural disasters that changed the world permanently in the coming decades.



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