To Be A Beast

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To Be A Beast, tis to bring shame.
Who is the beast? What is the beast? What is the true story? Will it remain obscure? The result is up to you, the best is who you want it to be, the beast is as bad or good as you see fit...

Submitted: August 18, 2017

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Submitted: August 18, 2017



To Be A Beast


To be a beast,

I cannot be, no

After everything,

How can I be beast,

Comfort in fangs,

To hone the claws,

How can I just cease?


To be the beast,

Without an ounce to show,

No, even the dead sing,

I am no beast,

Even I sang,

We ran down the halls,

Assumed, we at peace.


To be, not a beast,

To sink so low,

Engraved, on a ring,

I'm not, I am beast,

My head to hang,

Corpse in a ball,

Decieved, the beast?


"I know the beast,

Seen down the cove,

It was muttering,

Who is the beast,

What is it's name,

I will stare in awe,

Hypocrit, is the beast..."

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