Seasons of Love

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This is a poem by a friend. Love, longing, and happiness await you in this finely crafted piece of art. Enjoy!

Submitted: August 18, 2017

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Submitted: August 18, 2017



It was like summer:

His skin touched gently by the sun,

The ocean's waves in his blue eyes,

The sand falling out of his hair,

The sunset as our wallpaper,

The cool breeze during the night,

his hands wrapping themselves around mine.


It was like fall:

His shirts just a bit too big on me,

The leaves falling and birds quietly chirping,

Late night drives while the sun was still out,

Stealing kisses in between conversations,

Watching new movies and falling asleep on the couch,

His eyes shining as they met mine.


It was like winter:

His arms wrapped tightly around me in the middle of the night,

The hot chocolate burning the backs of our throat,

Snow falling around us as the moon made an appearance,

Opening presents too early and sharing laughs,

Seeing him smile a little wider as I came through the door.


It was like spring:

His laugh ringing in my head,

Dancing like idiots in the rain,

Singing at the top of our lungs as we drove down the dirt roads,

Watching animals grow and play,

His hand tangled in my hair.


It was like sun on a summer's day.

It was like snow falling in the middle of winter.

It was like the animals at play in the spring.

It was like the leaves changing, falling in the midst of autumn.


Our love was worth more than all these memories, 

but I'll cherish them forever.

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