Romance Of Strangers

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Submitted: August 18, 2017

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Submitted: August 18, 2017



You were standing

in the flash of the lightning.

I begged my heart to

release me from hiding.

You had a broken heart.

A pain thriving for a while.

Until I prevailed

over my fears.

And seen your face

light up with a smile.

I knew that you

didn't know me from Adam.

But , Somehow I stole your heart.

Just like a thief of Aladdin.

Just like a stranger in the night.

I lent a helping hand.

You were leary of my intentions.

The things that I had planned.

We took life

moment by moment.

One glance at a time.

I was drawn to your gorgeous eyes.

That lit up the night.

We hear the waves crash

onto shore.

As the intense stares upon

our faces.

Revealed that there had to be more.

It was such a short walk

to your home by the pier.

Yet, the pace of each step

took almost a year.

We closed the night

with an inevitable kiss.

As we tasted the moonlight

shining off our lips.

The stars twinkled

in a July sky.

Unbirthing the truth

of a love at first sight.

As I said goodnight.

And watched you close that door.

It must have been hours

before I stepped off your porch.

I still recall the grip of this love.

Holding on to what we have become.

You had me wrapped

in hands that can't let go.

I've loved you deep.

From the time

you said "hello".

Years and years have passed

since that night.

We walked along the shoreline.

And created this amazing life.

I still get chills .

From the look in your eyes.

They remind me of the thousand stars.

That shined bright that night.

Every kiss ,

as good as the first.

I find my self dehydrating.

Yet, I can never quench my thirst.

A thousand memories.

revealed on hangers.

Yet, we continue to love

as if we are strangers. .

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