Angel's Eyes Chapter 2

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Im back :D
this's second chapter :D
i still need comment from y'all guys :)

Submitted: August 18, 2017

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Chapter 2

Angel lived with blindness she cried everyday and it made her eyes worse. she couldnt do anything by herself she was so depressed se felt she wanted to commit suicide she couldnt accept this situation this condition she was done.

"Wake up Angel, the weather is so lovely lets out for refreshing our thoughts there are lots of flowers which blossom you'll happy dear" said the mother while opening the window.

Angel didnt answered her mother's question she got chills. and then, the mother approached her how very surprised the mother was, when she found her daughter in condition like that she touched Angel's forehead and said"Oh My Goodness, what happens to you dear, are you fever? helper come here i need you" then the helper came in and said" yes mam what i can do for you?" then the mother noticed helper she made her to take Angel going to hospital.

They arrived and they entered into doctor's room, the doctor named Joseph "let me check your daughter mom!" said Joseph the mother asked if her daughter was fine. Joseph answered" its okay mom your daughter is fine she just needs to take a rest and she will be fine, but may i take care of her? she will be here for a while"and mother agreed.

Joseph felt he fell in love with her at first sight. and it became more stronger every single day.

by months, Angel had been better she also could smile she got many friends there. the mother always visit her. though, just for bringing some foods for her.

Angel woke up at midnight, she smiled and she remembered someone.....

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