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We are a world that does not remember the roots of it's past. What brought us here, and what brought our world to become a dying one is a mystery I may never come to know. We coexist in a world with humans, beasts, and hybrids. The desire to share the plantations with all these species is, unfortunately, an ill-thought cause.

As humans are being run into the ground by the monsters now inhabiting our world, we are becoming extinct.

But we have found ways to fight.

And we will take back the world that was meant to be ours.

*Author's Note*
Please be warned they are graphic displays of violence.
Mentions of mental disorders, suicide,self-harm, genetic mutation, and sexual abuse. Though these subjects or not explained through graphic content or detail, there is mention of these acts throughout the story. I will never write these subjects in a form of graphic description. But if there are parts where I feel the writing may be a bit strong, I will provide trigger warnings at the start of a chapter where the context would be written.

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