Deadly Love

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When women look nice and go outside, it's because that is there style of wardrobe. It is because they want to look nice for their friends and family or their partner. It is not so they can be a walking display of juicy meat for you hungry wolves out there.

Submitted: August 18, 2017

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Submitted: August 18, 2017



On this day

In skies so dark

There is beauty in the way

In my heart’s spark


The wind is blowing

And the moon is out

Wolves are howling

But she is smart


I’d go near

Just to feel

But she’s no fear

But to conceal


But my heart hurts

And I’d just like to see her

Deadly she reverts

She is just a blur


Primal instincts

The wolves are in trouble

They are the prey and that is fact

She is the primal


The yearning is harsh

Oh come to me my dear

I’ve become a wolf in a flash

And you don’t want to hear


We beg in howl

You stare hard

You’ve had enough and this is foul

We’re on guard


But it’s not enough

Here comes the demon

She’s so rough

And we are the everymen

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