My sleepless thoughts

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My sleepless thoughts

The sleepless thoughts bring the fear to life and wash the goodnight away to the river of no return where the bees swim and the fish fly and the humans create the thoughts that keep us up all night looking at the black bear in the corner of the room that is not there but in your dream he was there and he will not be there till you close your eyes and dream and when you wake you will not see this bear you will see the man, the man of your dreams because that man will be that bear to watch you sleep and protect your dreams to fight our battles but once you hurt this man he will be gone, he will not come back and the only thing coming back will be those sleepless thoughts that turn those nightmares into reality and when it becomes reality and when you really wake you will find your self in this room, on this bed, while a man is starring into your eyes bringing those bad bad bad dreams that keep you up and hes the one holding you down on that bed, he is not just holding you on that bed he is holding you from the world, he is holding you in his arms saying you will be safe and it will not hurt but he hurts you to the point you can not brethe but you try and you try and you try so hard but you can not break away from this man, bear, fish bee? i dont know who you are, or where you are, is it in my dreams or just my sleeplesss thoughts or are you really here!!!! i want my sleep, i want my life and i want my peace back!!! GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!! i scream and i scream and i scream but then i relize nothing is coming out when i try to scream but there are these letter these these these letters that are to far to see, i am running, running running as fast as i can but theres the bee swimming after me, this fish flying after me, this bear, this man running after me, im running and running but its getting farther and farther then this sleepless thought came to my head "turn around and run to the bee,fish,bear and man that is following you" so i turn around and i run and i run and i run as fast as i can towards the ones following me and then they start running away from me to this dark forest and i can barley see them but i keep running after them and i finally catch up to them and follow them into a dark corner in my room and relize i was chasing my self the hole time because im scared to face relaity and to become the person i once was before this MAN distroyed me by pinning me down and doing his passion for pain and excitement and making me feel so insacure and ruining my hole life and causing me to lose everything i once loved about my self and eveyone i have ever loved in my life! this pain, it still fallows but i am the follower because i am following the past and repeating this event in my head with these sleepless thoughts! these sleepless thoughts are now in the corner of my room that the man sits in and watches me sleep and is now in his sleepless thoughts in his 4 wall room with no way to return to my sleepless thoughts.

Rosalee Erickson

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My Sleepless Thoughts

Submitted: August 18, 2017

  The sleepless thoughts bring the fear to life and wash the goodnight away to the river of no return where the bees swim and th... Read Chapter