Radiant Exposure

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Submitted: August 18, 2017

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Submitted: August 18, 2017



Catastrophy in a blazing fire.

A magical moment

of two heart's desires.

Conformed and raged

under a black sun's rays.

Two slipping minds

seclusion under paid.

Although this emptiness

had no foreclosure.

My heart feels warm

from your distant exposure.

A ring in hand

I march into the hurtful night.

Drying the tears

from my weeping eyes.

I brought with me love.

Devotion at it's best.

Tired and wasted

But, I refuse to rest.

Until I fulfill this request .

I travel onward

into the west.

A sight of heart shaped clouds.

Wrapped in green clover.

It fuels my belief

that this pain will be over.

I use my shame

rooted inclosure.

To mask the light

from your blinding exposure.

A little less cover.

A daughter of earth's mother.

Sadness is upon her.

She made the best offer.

Lines of a darker shade.

Beauty and elegance.

On the shoreline of Maine.

Waiting for love

to take over her rage.

My ambitions have all but gone.

I dream I find her there.

On a gentle dawn.

So far away

but, yet so near.

I can feel her breath

soaking on my ear.

Disarmed with a smile .

Blessed with a child .

Cut deeply into my soul.

Where the love still grows.

I have went far

beyond the dome .

Searching for the one

I want to bring home.

As the sun rotates

forcing my heart to get colder.

I still feel the warmth

of her vacant exposure.

Soft gray skies

above the willow trees.

Red rose garden

full of honey bees.

A slow relapse

of an oncoming spring.

Where I wake in the morning

and smell the coffee beans.

Sleeping infusion

from within my dreams.

I awake to her face

that defys the human race .

A morning kiss

with a passion taste.

I stroke her hair

over a sunburnt shoulder.

And ease the pain

of the new sun's shoulder.

Yet, my love is still burning

from a far out exposure.

I try to dream

until her location

is uncovered.

Wishful thinking

of a forgotten loner.

Using love

as a final exposure.

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