Empty monster

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this book is about unhealty habbits that make us empty and can turn us into monsters and tells you what an alcholic sees when she is drunk, and then realises she needs to stop before she gets to the empty bottomles pit of bottles.

Submitted: August 18, 2017

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Submitted: August 18, 2017



Empty Monster


At the end of every bottle there is emptyness and in that emtpyness you think its over but then you find another empty bottle and relise what the empty feeling feels like, you look at your life and see nothing but lonesom. you find your self standing in the mirror facing a monster with a pretty smile that faded to yellow from the smokes she has smoked, watching that beautiful monster in the mirror drop her smoke and grab you into the mirror,

feeling like your falling and spinning down in a bottomless pit but you hit the bottom and relise your in that bottom of that bottle drinking your self away, you drop to the ground and start spinning again and you see your self at the end of a cigarette and funning to the filter of that smoke as the ash is falling and burning off of it,

you make it but then that smoke falls to the ground and as your fallin you close your eyes and land on your feet in front of that mirror that you saw that monster in and that monster is you wasting your life away, finding replacments, destractions from the sadness but you realise times running out to make things right so you smash that mirror screaming " im done with you"  watching the glass fall to that sticky carpet of your appartment, thinking your wasted again but your free from it all and you get up and look at your self in the broken pieces of that mirror and you see your self for the first time in years.


Rosalee Erickson

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