I remember when i was younger

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this is a short book/story i wrote that is based on a true story about how pure a childs mind and imagination is and how she grows to realise not everything is what she used to think it was, life changes so fast and be careful for people trust and that drinking and smoking does not take away it, a childs life turns into a typical teenage girsl life then a nightmare to a petrified mother.

Submitted: August 18, 2017

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Submitted: August 18, 2017



I remember

When i was younger i use to chase bees, butterflys and boys all for the fun of it, I remember playing in those back fields pretending to be cops or robbers, I remember i would play without a care in the world, I remember i was not scared of anything, i was mentally strong, creative and was excited over new friends, new toys and new boys.

When i was younger i remember mommy always saying to me dont let anyone tell you your different, i never knew what she ment untill now but being a kid is beautiful and unimaginable when your older cause nothing will bring back those happy child moment back, nothing will bring back that light in your eyes like those bees, butterflys,  new toys, new friends and those new boys. 

When i was younger i was happy.

When i was a teenager my life was great, i had everything i needed i met new friends, killed some bugs and i met a cute boy, i remember looking into his blue eyes and fallin in love at that very moment, i remember the day he asked me out and i was only a teenager,

I remeber hearing his voice in my ear and feeling so safe with his hands around me,

I still remember the first day he put his hands on me the wrong way, i remeber hearing his terifying scream of anger because i made a new friend, im fallowing this guy like a lost puppy because im blinded by love, i remember when i stop chasing this boy and cut it off anf he hit me again and again and again, i still remember the day i went back after it happened again.

When i was a teenager this man i loved almost killed me by wraping his arms around my neck saying he loves and this is what love is, i still remember the words i tought as i almost passed out "im gonna die before i live" but little did we know i had a beautiful presious boy in my belly growing.

When i was a teenager i had that beautiful boy at age 14, i remember having trouples but getting passed it, i remeber the day he said mama, i remember the day i got a job, made money, helped my parents out with food, bought stuff for my boy, i remember the day this new boss got close to me, scarying me with the words he said, he filled my head with currupted thoughts, turned me into a mess, i remember i was scared the day he got on top of me and forced is way into me as i am now the one scream and wraping my arms around someones neck, i remember his sorrys, i remember the words he said, i still hear those crusome words he wispered into my ears.

I remeber when i was chasing the doctors into their rooms begging to get out of that mental instutute, i remember that phone call that said they took my baby as i sat in that white room feeling so hopeless as they took my son, i remember putting my fist threw the balls, along with my head screaming, crying wishing i did not get away from that pedephile in the ways i did, but i had no other way, i remember those days i stayed up all night drinking and smoking the pain away but never did i realise how much worse it was making me till the day i got out of the dump and got my shit together, i remember the pain i felt, i remember all the mistakes i have made in my life and i remember chasing all those things i ever wanted and getting hurt or hurting those.

Theres nothing i wouldnt do to go back to when i was younger. 


Rosalee Erickson

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