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Written soon after my mothers passing.

Submitted: August 19, 2017

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Submitted: August 19, 2017



Just over two weeks ago my mother passed away.
I was there with a large chunk of my family,
All of us touching her, surrounding her, telling her how much we loved her as she breathed her last....
My mother was a good catholic woman.
She volunteered at her church, spent most of her life in service
But when she left, I felt her go...
I felt that energy release....and pass right through me. Leaving no trace of itself except a smell of her in my nose, and a taste on my tongue. It tasted of a warm summer day. It tasted of sitting by a farm pond fishing, of the cries cardinals make in the trees in the spring, of a dusty pile of books heaped on her side of the bed. It tasted and smelled of her.

And now she visits me in my dreams, sometimes we are driving together somewhere, going to an antique store and she is trying so hard to tell me something. It seems so important that I remember what it is, but when I awake it's gone.
Other times she is standing in the hall outside her ICU room, and two beings of light and energy take turns jitterbugging, fox trotting, and doing the charleston with her down the hall. She is so happy, because she knows where she is going. It's a place of light, spring, warmth, thunderstorms and growth.

And i have dazzled eyes for a few moments, can't see, blinking left in the dark, missing her so much it hurts to draw breath

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