Why not use the Army

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Every country has a well trained Army amounting to tens of thousands of "screened" well drilled personnel.Why not use them at home so to speak.

Submitted: August 19, 2017

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Submitted: August 19, 2017



So many cities in the Western World have now been "Hit" by low tech terrorism in our own major and bustling city streets that I am bewidered that our army personnel are sitting idle whilst the aftermath of this carnage is left to the admittedly well drilled police force when they arrive at the scene of the "crime".

Why on earth are we not putting "armed" army personnel in civillian clothes on our city streets to respond with lethal force at the time when these terrorists are "running down" our citizens in trucks and vans.

Most of these atrocities occur in populous inner city places and it is not asking too much surely to have about 100 or so "armed undercover army personnel" to respond with lethal force at the time as an aide to the great job our police forces do when they arrive.

I am sure that our great police personnel will be amenable to another "string to their bow" in dealing with these ISIS outlaws.

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