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Submitted: August 19, 2017

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Submitted: August 19, 2017




It was a strange city. The streets were always lit, hotels and pubs open past midnight, streets filled with people from dawn to dusk and yet she felt lonely at times. She never felt connected. Of late she was thinking of moving somewhere else. This place neither seemed like home nor it was going to become one. She'd tried dating but it never worked out for her. If only she could meet someone she liked, the place wouldn't seem so bad. But luck did not favor her, all the guys she met were either shallow, dominant or sometimes just plain boring. There was no spark and she had stopped trying. She had a routine for her job and life and just continued with it, fully aware that she was missing something in life but unable to attain it.

Her friends cheered her up. This weekend could be fun, you will meet guys from different cities, maybe something could work out. She just sighed and ignored. She wasn't into going to the weekend office party arranged for the executives from the surrounding cities and their branch was hosting and she had no choice to avoid it.

The weekend arrived. With the same brooding she packed her clothes and left. Met her friends at the lobby and went into her room to change. She'd bought a yellow and white salwar, she wasn't here to find a man but that was not going to stop her from looking her best. She freshened up, wore her dress and paired it with a pair of long dangling earrings. She was sure no one was going to turn away when she was talking with those earrings on.

The party had started, and people were gathering around. She moved around, talking to people she knew, getting introduced to new people. She stared at the dinner table to see if dinner was being served, food was the only thing that was good about this party, she thought to herself. And peering around she saw someone walk over to a table, he seemed familiar. She excused herself and walked in the direction of the guy. And there he was, the handsomest man she'd ever seen, yes she was right, he was familiar. It's not like you could forget your first love, no matter how many years later you see them.

She patted on his shoulder, he turned his back and was surprised to see her there. Awe struck and happy, "Bharathi, he said and hugged her tight". It made her blush, none of her friends had ever seen this guy and here she was being hugged by him, nevertheless she enjoyed the hug, it seemed right. After a few seconds they broke apart. "Hello Vikram, pleased to meet you too", she stretched out her hand. Vikram laughed and shook her hand. " I've missed you", he said and pulled her into another hug. They got a table and sat with dinner. " So how long has it been? Four, five years". " Yeah something around that and you haven't changed a bit Bharathi." She felt her cheeks going red, "so have you", she said. They sat there talking, holding hands for a long time. The last time they had met, their first kiss, the last kiss and the goodbye tears. The horny, infatuated teens that they were. The stolen kisses, the passion burning inside but it never was quenched. They were teenagers but mature enough to know what the limit was. It all seemed ages ago and so much had happened since then but yet she had never felt this fire inside her all this while. It seemed to reflect on him too, he could never takes his eyes off her. They reminisced about being young and being in love. The promises of keeping in touch and they did for a few months and then life happened. They couldn't believe it was getting so late, there were hardly people around. They got up, and he offered to walk her to the room. They walked as slow as they could, hand in hand, not wanting the night to end. They reached the room, she said goodbye and reached for the keys in her bag, he stood there, sheepishly, not knowing what to do, and when she turned back to look at him, he knew. He pulled her into his face, his lips locked with hers, she gave into it.

She dragged him into the room, without breaking the kiss, shut the door with her leg. She dropped her purse and keys with a bang and held his hair, pulling him towards her. The kisses they shared years before were nothing compared to this. This was love and lust and passion all mixed into one. She moaned, letting her mouth more open, inviting his tongue into hers. His hands caressing her back, reached her breasts. He fondled them delicately, as if she were brittle. She unbuttoned his shirt, ran her hands all over him, he reminded her of home. His smell was so familiar, it didn't seem like they were apart for so long. She opened his belt and unzipped his pants, lowered his pants down and found his cock. It stood, ready for the job, without needing anything more. She pushed him on the bed and removed his briefs. She undressed herself, and sat on his legs, letting him take in all her beauty. She put her hands to her ears to remove her earrings, he stopped her, "Keep them on, I love the way it dangles when you speak". She smiled and left them on. She kissed him everywhere! Starting from his head, moving into his reddened lips, his neck, she lifted her head a little and bit his ear, he let out a moan, the bite put him on the edge. She turned around, with her back to him, she bent down to kiss his toes, and that gave him the full view. Her butt was on his chest, he was aroused even more at the sight of it, her cheeks splitting a little as she was bending down, giving him a view of her front. It was all he could take, he fondled her butt cheeks, pinched them and caressed them. She moved back a little, to be able to kiss his penis. Her butt moved right near his face and he kissed them. Just then, he remembered the days they were talking about sex, who would like what, and the private joke they had for 69. She licked his balls and trailed her tongue over his length, It struck him them, glad that she remembered it.

He put a pillow under his head, and adjusted. Held her hips, and kissed her pussy lips, she sighed as his lips touched them, she put his shaft into his mouth, suckling it hard and light. Keeping her legs apart to give him better access, he was amazed at the view, so many days had he longed for it. His passion took over and guided his tongue, he licked around, waiting for her moans, to know that she was enjoying, and there was no lack of making from either of them. He put his tongue into her whole, his hand caressing her butt and another hand massaging her pussy, playing around with her clit. She kept thrusting into her mouth as her passion was building up. He gestured to stop it and he found his release, he put his fingers in the hole then, licked her clit. She was at the peak, she sighed and moaned as loud as she could, she was unable to control it anymore and she let go of it, his face and chest all wet with her juices. They laid down, side by side panting for breath. They showered together and made love, a second time, in a more conventional way. "I MISSED YOU ", they both said at the same time. She felt complete after a long time, but he was going to go away, what would she do then? Her eyes flickered in a moment of sadness. " Did I tell you, I'm getting transferred here", he said, as if answering her sorrowful eyes. She smiled, with tears flowing down her cheeks. She got up, and kissed him hard, "ready for another one?", she asked, looking at him naughtily. He pulled her down and kissed her breasts, "only if you let me play with these", he said and started sucking her nipples without waiting for an answer.

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