My life

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My life – Part 1

Hi All,

I’m gonna start telling you my life story. Sometimes it’s funny but most of the time it’s only ‘LOVE’. Yes! i’m in love from my 14. And i’m married to the boy now:)

So it’s a long story.

I’m not gonna start my childhood blah blah so don’t worry. When i met him i was only 14(Sorry i already said that) so i didn’t think about the consequences. We are same caste(It’s a BIG thing in South India) but love marriage was like a crime, extreme than murder in our villages.

I’m gonna say about my side of the story here:

When you want to see your lover if you stay in a village, there are so many places for sneak, hide and chat. But no privacy, anybody could be anywhere. And you should hide it from everyone. More than half people in my class are from the same village.

I lost track. I start again from when i met him. It was my cousin brother’s marriage. My father dropped me into school. There was a ‘strike’ that day. So people are playing in the ground and no teachers are there to watch us. We were there by our self, only students.

I had 2 cousins in my class(we can marry each other, we’re not blood relatives). Boys were playing cricket. When we(my friends, we’re called 5 parrots) were walking one of my friend said “Hey look, Your cousin is there playing without shirt:)”. And i looked at him(she talked bout my cousin but i looked at ‘him’).

That’s it. I don’t want to explain it in a cinematic way but this is how i feel still. My stomach has so many butterflies and i couldn’t stop staring. OMG, my heart beat stopped i think. Ok, enough. But he didn’t look. So i thought he is not interested and waited some days dreaming about him.

One day, it was my birthday someone gave me a plastic flower vase as a present. So i posed with it to my friends(thought it was cute, to myself) and made sound to get his attention. Finally he came there and asked me to keep low but we laughed at him, it was a thing when you’re young, right? Laugh for nothing. So it was the first time he made eye contact with me, not for too long only 5 or 10 seconds. Ah, i forgot to tell you He is so shy to talk to girls:)

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Submitted: August 19, 2017