The Addiciton

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Submitted: August 19, 2017

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Submitted: August 19, 2017



Addictions can be pretty good at deceiving the eye.

They seem pretty harmless at first

They seem like they would be fun to hang around with

They smile at you and welcome you with open arms

They talk to you and make you feel like you’ve known them all their life


Addictions appear out of nowhere and make your life complete

They seem to be what you always have been searching for

They hold your hand when you roam around

They hug you when you need a hug

They tease you and compliment your everything


Addictions make it seem like you are immortal

They tell you forever and always exists

They make you float on clouds

They take you to places where you never been before

They make you experience things you never forget


Addictions is something I went through


My addiction was you


You started making me lose sense in the world

You tried to walk away but I was too attached

You tried doing what was best for me but I had already had so much

You loved me as much as you could but I still wanted more


That is what made me hit rock bottom

Go cold turkey

They say the only way to go is up

But I still get small doses of you

Because as much as I need you out of my life

I can’t imagine life without you


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