Im in love with someone else....

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Submitted: August 19, 2017

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Submitted: August 19, 2017



I have always loved my husband. Even through the toughest time. But the other day I ran into an old flame, and I realize I was still in love with them. Lately I've felt ignored, uncredited for, unloved. I don't feel imoortant, I don't feel fulfilled. I tell them my dreams, they shatter them in front of my eyes. I don't matter.

But the voids were now being filled by someone else. They promised to fill the emptiness, they make me feel reassured. I have the feeling deep in my heart that all my worries can be fixed. And it makes me feel excited. I haven't felt excited in a very long time. When I begin to, the same ppl strike me down. But now it's different. I can dream of my pain going away, my stress erased, my broken soul liberated. He makes me feel good. Relieved. I know with him I will always find comfort. And I've been selfish, I do not care if my family is destroyed, if my husband is alone, if my son grows in a broken family. And I know it's wrong. But I feel so neglected that the way he makes me feel makes it so worth it. Just imagine...... every pain, sorrow, worry.... gone. And I am so in love. So willing to take his hand and leave without looking back. He's my way out..... but how do I tell my family? Who is this amazing new love?

His name is Suicide ?

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