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What is divorce

Submitted: August 19, 2017

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Submitted: August 19, 2017



Little else in the universe


Only to return together

At a later date


Elements of life are eliminated

Then compensated

Most things will be deficient

Then recuperate


Except this man-wielded disease

That seems to feast

On his desire to do as he pleases

Not destroy what’s less, but the least


Man seems to be born twice

The days he lives and the day he’s on lease

Some alter form of human sacrifice

In which two battle out a peace


Then come D day

A day that has been, in so many ways, rewritten

Two people just lost their way

Yet all the same need to be smitten


A day harder than any day

As if one’s name is erased from existence

Someone one day was a form with a frame

The next he is just a ragged resistance


So many heroes and victims

In one battle of ego and will

Who could’ve invented such a system

So demonic it shames the devil?

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