Luminescent Alien Species

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
I wrote this, in 2017. It's part of my 8th poem set, Chosen Fate.

Submitted: August 19, 2017

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Submitted: August 19, 2017



I've been, surrounded, by, mystical, hyper, disks.

I'm, pondering, about, talking, telepathically, with, them.

But, my, communications, of, language, may go, unnoticed.

Before, I'm, able to, come, to a conclusion, and, final, judgment.

They've teleported, themselves, into, my, line, of, sight.

And, the many, spacecraft, have disappeared, with, no, visible, traces, of, evidence.

I, start to, ready, myself, against, possible, attacks, but, before, I, try to, defend.

They, begin, speaking, to me, in, languages, of, vibrations, that, I, can comprehend.

Asking, several, questions, about, who, I, am, and, why I've, come, here.

I, clearly, detail, them, of, my, origins, and, all, that's, happened, since.

Responding, without, hesitation, I'm, explaining, that, I have, an intricate, plan.

They, seem, curiously, intrigued, by, my, stories, and journies, as, they, continuing, listening.

I, begin, to ask, the aliens, of, their, design, and, they, reply, that, they, are a luminescent, species.

But, before, I, can, say, another, word, they, inform me, that, they've been, waiting, for, this, fateful, meeting.

Telling, me, they, wanted, to hear, my, expedition, from, my, perspective, but, already, knew, who, I, was, and, my, reasonings.

Shocked, and appalled, at, what, they are, unraveling, and, sensing, my, confusion, in, this, mysterious, matter.

They, explain, that, they'll, show me, through, lucid, visions, what they've, witnessed, regarding, my, travels.

I, confirm, to them, that is, what, I, would, like, and, I, also, question, if they, can, share, their, information, and history.

Making, noises, of, laughter, they, start to, say, they, knew, I, was, going to, make, that, request, but, that, I, best be, ready, for, the repercussions.

I, confidently, tell, them, that, I'm, ready, for, anything, and, that, this is, an opportunity, for, me, to obtain, an even, further, power, of, evolution.

Two, of, them, teleport, directly, in, front, of, me, and, the rest, solidify, the flying saucers, saying, they are, heading, back, to their, fortress.

I'm, not, sure, if all, of, this, was, my, fate, but, I'm, going to, figure, out, these, deeper, meanings, because, here, and, now, that's, what I've, chosen.

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