Medicine Chain

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Submitted: August 19, 2017

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Submitted: August 19, 2017



In the end of time .

I reach the stars that fall

and shine.

Living in a world of peace.

Calming the thoughts

before I sleep .

On the wind and rain.

A scent of lust is blown .

Into the heart of mourning.

Where a love has been outgrown.

My love for you

has drove me insane.

Left in loneliness.

A vengeful medicine chain.

Cryptic skies

polluted black.

Weight on my chest

I could not pack.

I stumble upon

a red painted dawn.

Hoping my soul

can tell me I'm wrong.

Finding you here.

Above a river so clear.

It can reflect the image

of a paralyzed fear.

Sad like I

the river is blue.

For you found true love

with somebody new.

I guess it is me.

A selfish man to blame.

Getting a taste of my own poison.

From my medicine chain.

Calamity at dusk.

My heart begins to rust.

Watching the one I hold dear.

Twine in passion

and disappear.

I refuse to stand up.

I refuse to back down.

For her I pull down the heavens

and the black skies clouds.

Her blood trickles through

my lifeless veins.

Becoming part of my

inner love.

That has pushed her away.

I guess home is a place.

That slowly will fade.

And slowly erase

my memory's pain.

Drawn In a circle.

I can not face.

The price of departure

in this medicine chain.

To give up hope

The hand unpryed.

Laying down my heart

as the sun will rise.

A forgotten life

guided with resistance.

Capturing one last memory

as I love from a distance.

A river so blue.

Sad like I.

We both are connected

by the tears that we cry.

Current of love

in a shaded place.

Streaming down the valley

of an aging face. .

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