Arabic Short Stories

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Read contemporary Arabic literature at Arabian Stories All the short Arabic stories can be found translated into English and Spanish.

Submitted: August 19, 2017

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Submitted: August 19, 2017



Arab Literature: Literature has to serve as a tool to explore the limits of our understanding of reality and Arabic literature, in particular, opens a window on a totally different world, not only physical but also symbolic and conceptual, which In the last instance, it must be able to show us to what extent our own language conditions us when it comes to thinking. After much reflection, we believe that we have given the key on this website to translate Arabic literature so that it makes us see the language, the world and the current political situation with different eyes.

Literary translation of Arabic: I believe that our present society is very much in need of people who dedicate themselves to the literary translation from Arabic to Spanish, because only in the pouring of a thought expressed in other keys that differ significantly from those to which we are So accustomed and unable to dissociate our own way of thinking, we can detect to what extent the formulas with which we express ourselves and the molds in which we frame what we give meaning prevent us from seeing aspects of reality that Could make it more understandable, more logical, even more digestible. Visit this website to find out what Arab literature is currently written and we trust that it can change your mind about the Arabs.

Contemporary Arabic Literature: In the faculty we were taught that contemporary Arabic literature was limited to Naguib Mahfuz and the three or four other writers who became a name in the field of Arabic letters more than a century ago. We were convinced that our teachers were wrong and that is why we created this website, to give an opportunity to today's Arab authors to claim their way of seeing the world and its proposal to change it through literature , Which we believe is the best way available to show the validity of his thinking, since literature, whether Arabic or that produced in other languages, is subject to interpretation, and this means that the Arabs must be able to understand and express their world view in a less categorical way as it is understood to have expressed it to date.

Arab narratives translated: We are mainly engaged in translating Arabic stories and, although the Arabic narratives translated that can be found on our website do not always obey the expectations of what a speaker of Spanish or Castilian understands as literature, they are all extremely Revealing how the Arab world works and the logic underlying Arab thought, which we are convinced is the one that is due to the Arabic language.

Arab stories: In our opinion, Arab accounts are more illuminating than political discourses in showing what has been the source of the political crisis in the Arab world today. We invite you to consult to get an idea of ??what has triggered the Arab diaspora.

Arabian tales: A thousand and one nights are precious stories, which, however, we already know by heart. The Arabs used to be famous for their ability to tell stories and transmit them orally. What has happened so that nobody seems to have an interest in translating, publishing or reading the Arabic stories that are written today? We have the answer. It is encrypted in translated Arabic stories that are published on this website.

Stories in Arabic: Stories in Arabic are everything from surprise to charity, but the ones published on this website are, above all, revealing and prophetic, but in a very different way than religion is.

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