The Horror Nerds

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Submitted: August 19, 2017

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Submitted: August 19, 2017



It all started in 2014; there once was a 17 year old boy named Norman Milano, he is a huge fan of horror, and became obsessed with it, watching their movies, celebrating Halloween, and many other things that got to do with Horror; Norman is known as, The Horror Nerd. On a bright afternoon Norman was at school, sitting in the classroom; Because Norman is a Horror Nerd, a Bully named Jizzy went to approach Norman, and call him names, like a Dork and a Retard; Jizzy was trying to show off in front of the class, Norman stands up Aggressively, and Threatens Jizzy with a Knife. The Teacher walks in and says, what’s going on here? no one responded! She then said, Norman to the Principle’s office now. Principle Coleman was saying to Norman; this behaviour is not acceptable, I don’t know what else to do; I’m sorry I have to do this, but! I’m going to call your mum, and this is an immediate expulsion; you can go clean out your locker; he responded desperately, yes sir. Norman’s mum Nina went to pick him up from school; by the look on her face, she was not happy; when they got home, Nina went inside to relax; and Norman went straight to his room, to watch horror movies. Norman got a facebook friend request, from a beautiful girl, named Daisy! she is also a Horror Nerd, Just like Norman; They had a good conversation on Messenger, Nina went to Norman’s room to give him the good news, about Enrolling him at a new school; the good coincidence is, that’s the school that Daisy is at, Nina warns Norman not to Fuck up this time. The next day has come; Nina took her son Norman to Westbrook Academy, he met his new teacher Mrs Helliwell, she introduced Norman to the whole class, Daisy was the only one with respect and said hello to Norman; no one else really gave a shit. Mrs Helliwell told Norman, there’s a empty seat next to Daisy; As soon as Norman went to Sit down a Mean Bully named Chip said Norman, nerd number one, and Daisy nerd number two the whole class laughed Daisy said Shut up Chip, he responded back, Make me Dork! Mrs Helliwell yelled, Enough! Or your staying back after school; Do you want Detention? No one replied! and they got straight back to work. It was finally home time; Norman asked Daisy if he could walk her home, she responded Happily; that’s nice of you Norman; yeah sure; they had a good conversation along the way. Daisy thanked Norman for walking her home, he replied, Your welcome! see ya! He said; she then said bye; Norman walked from Daisy’s House back to his place, he made it just in time for dinner, as soon as he was finished; He went straight to his room to watch Halloween (1978) when he finished watching his movie, he then went to bed, and talk to himself; saying, Goodnight Daisy! Daisy was In bed as well, and she said, Goodnight Norman! The next day; everyone at school was having lunch outside, Norman was feeling lucky and he had the courage to ask Daisy out she responded in a happy voice aww that’s so cute Norman, Yeah sure! Everyone was rude, and immature; by laughing at them. Norman invites Daisy to his house, and they went up to his room; Norman got a bullying message, sent to him on facebook, from Jizzy; the bully at his old school, Norman and Daisy wants Revenge, what will their plan be?










Norman and Daisy puts on Horror costumes, Norman went as (Jason Voorhees) from (Friday the 13th) and Daisy went as, (Samara Morgan) from (The Ring) Jizzy was standing outside in the alley, as soon as he tried to leave, Norman appears in front of him; Jizzy says in an aggressive voice Get the fuck out of my way! Norman didn’t listen; Jizzy went to walk the other way Daisy then stands in front of him He then said to both of them don’t play this Halloween shit on me you fucking Nerdy Faggots Norman and Daisy Starts to feel Angry, and they both attacked Jizzy; Norman had a knife in his hand, and stabbed it right through him; Norman then removed the hand prints on the knife; him and Daisy quickly Escapes, and headed back to his house. At school Daisy was at her locker, a girl bully named Kristen, and her four friends approached Daisy; she then said to her, Daisy is lazy! Daisy told Kristen to get out of her way, Kristen didn’t want to Listen. Daisy wanted to defend herself by Slapping Kristen across the face, Kristen and her four friends grabbed Daisy, and pushed her to the ground, Norman made it just in time, to step up to the bullies. Norman shouts at Kristen Hey! She then said What! Don’t you dare touch her, What are you going to do about it? Norman didn’t respond, Kristen and her four friends scoffed, and walked away. Norman went to see if Daisy was ok, she was crying in tears, Norman was a nice gentleman to walk her home. Daisy asked Norman if he wanted to come inside, to be with her; they relax, and watched a movie called; (Friday the 13th) Norman asks Daisy if she wanted to Celebrate Halloween with him, she responded, Yeah of course! He told her, he is going as leatherface! from Texas Chainsaw Massacre! who are you going as? she replied Regan! From the Exorcist! Wow, she’s scary he said, yeah true. Norman spent the night at Daisy’s, and they both went straight to sleep, to get ready for tomorrow, to go trick or treating! Because Halloween is important to them. October 31st/Halloween Morning; on this sad day everyone went to the church for Jizzy’s Funeral; his family and Friends were in so much pain, of losing him; Jizzy’s mum did a eulogy about him, and his friend Max had a hallucination that Norman and Daisy were there at the funeral, Max then rubbed his eyes twice, and they vanished. Halloween Night! Norman and Daisy got ready to go trick or treating, they went to fifty houses, and got a lot of candy; when they finished Trick or Treating, they headed back to his house. Norman insists of making a Halloween Dinner for him, and his Girlfriend (Daisy) meanwhile Chip, Kristen, and her four friends got together and decided to egg Norman’s house, when they shouted out Dork! Retard! They quickly ran off, and Norman was not Happy of what they did to his house, he then closed the door, and went back to the kitchen, to finish his dinner. The next day at school; Norman see’s Chip, he grabs him by the shirt, and holds him to the locker; the principle catches them, Norman! Chip! My office now!  Principle Stevenson said, what caused this boys? Norman responded, on Halloween He egged my house, and its all caught on Camera! Thank you Norman you can go, Chip your suspended; you can go home! Chip saw Norman at the lockers, This isn’t over, Dork! He then Left the School grounds. Norman and Daisy decided to open a Horror business to sell Figurines, Posters, Movies, Books, and other Horror accessories. Norman and Daisy Published their Business on Google, Facebook, and Instagram to, become more creative and popular, they called their Business; Team of Horrors! 436 views and 127 people liked their page. everyday Norman and Daisy opens the shop, the business became more popular, and people started to buy things; Norman and Daisy made $400, two hundred to each of them.






Norman decided to make a novel, and call it, Team of Horrors! the same name as his business; with Daisy’s  Money; she bought the collection of American Horror Story, and watched it when she got home. Kristen was all alone, walking outside at night; Daisy appeared and said going somewhere, Kristen then said! you think your so cool Daisy, but your not! I don’t have to answer to you, im not going to let you get in mine, or Norman’s way; Kristen replied in an Angry voice, Fuck off you nerdy bitch, go play with your ugly boyfriend; that’s where Daisy got aggressive, and stabbed a knife through Kristen; Daisy puts Kristen’s body in the garbage bin, and she had to go all the way home, to wash the blood off. Norman goes to Daisy’s house to spend the night, they stayed up for a while, to watch American Horror Story, Both Norman and Daisy enjoyed watching it. Norman published his book, Team of Horrors! Online; on a site called booksie! 436 views and 127 people loved his book; he orders his books, and puts them in the shop, so that people can buy it. People bought 20 copies, and they congratulated Norman on his Book. This time the shop made $800, four hundred to each of them, Norman and Daisy closed the shop for the day, and headed home, they counted the money, and the good news is; they still get to keep the business.

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