Sonja's Song

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The inside story of Lucidity: Morpheus' Dream. This is a proposed expansion of the novel to my Booksie fans and readers. Looking for ideas, suggestions, and advice to help expand the lore.
Although, I have some direction already.

Prolog (v.1) - Purpose

Submitted: August 19, 2017

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Submitted: August 19, 2017




Into sleep, I fall ,seeking solace from the waking world and its endless incursions. Through the realm of Traumwelt, I travel, gazing forward beyond the mists into the landscapes that fade and grow with time. In every event, I am there, be it small or great. You know me. You’ve read part of my story. The one where I am found and rescued from Eis-the world of endless Ice. The world that Nachtmahr had ruled for nearly half a century.

His reign has been ended by the one. The one we know as John…John Stryder. It was fortold to us and it was requested of us to aid him. To guide him, but I took it a step further. Not by choice, yet by accident, my mind had been altered and I did not recognize him at first, but he recognized me. He wasn’t aware yet of our bond, but the Threads of Fate had been woven. Through the union of our bodies, we became close. Closer than we should have been and during the struggle with the demon, Nachtmahr, in the tower of darkness; I lent him my power. This too was unintentional, yet it did occur.

He did not acquire all my power just the portion that was reserved for him. My love. It transcended him beyond what He was meant to be. He was to be the Destroyer. To obliterate the demons from Traumwelt forever, but his mission changed. And, he came looking for me. My name is Sonja. I am a Daughter of the Order of Morpheus. My power is Creation. I am his and he is mine. And, this is my journey.  



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