I'll Tell Myself The Truth

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Exhausted from being in the field, friend's driving, I was happy. But now... Ugh. Exhausted, happy, and what is this? Mock me, inspire me, may destruction follow one... Executioners, hold within your hands, another corpse you misunderstood...

Submitted: August 19, 2017

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Submitted: August 19, 2017



Escape from thy lead,
Roses be red,
Violet's finally dead,
If only in my head,
Calm the tears we shed,
Cease heart that once bled,
Now, who is the one fed,
After what you said,
The thin ice we tread,

Darkness to light,
Finally set right,
We both have lied,
Simple angel glide,
To let this slide,
Again, hands are tied,
The eyes shut wide,
Do not run when I hide,
Animal, Royal, never mind,
Your face darken, tis dyed,
As years fell when you cried,
To think, rings of groom and bride,

Now I am happy,
I once again, writing,
I am at peace, 
I am painting,
I am deceived,
I am lying,
This is exciting,
Sounds of them firing,
I am living,
Business, minding,
No ones hiding,
Tell me you're buying,
Don't be crying,
Years into timing,
Future of three dying,
I am happy. 
I am writing.
I am deceived.
I am lying.
I am happy. 
I am deceived.
I am writing.
I am only naïve.

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