Seventh Time Around

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Submitted: August 19, 2017

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Submitted: August 19, 2017



It kills me not to know this dream.

She's an angel with

an evil scheme.

I wake to hear her piercing screams.

Encounter number one.

As the telling truth

of winter's rage.

Beholds a heart in a cage.

Longing for a love set free.

Yet , I have misplaced the golden key.

Encounter number two.

Desires climb with mercury

I measure anger by degrees.

I bare two scars on wounded knees.

A story of true misery.

Encounter number three.

We reach consideration

as she puts me in my place

and there is a loss of pure prevailance.

In the time frame of missed seconds.

Never did this love stay true.

When I was constantly failing you.

There are brick walls

in the floors broke though.

And now you've disappeared.

Encounter number four .

I find myself starving for more.

I crave my lasting madness.

Falling in reverse with sadness.

I live alone in the present.

I pray that I will marry you.

And pay the price of leaving you.

As you smile with longing vengeance.

I feel the strain of lust's resistance.

Buried and forgotten

are the scars and how I got them.

This is time number five.

I feel the murder deep inside.

I'm surprised I'm still alive.

These eyes are out of cries.

If this is love.

Then why is there pain?

Why do I linger

in a world of Shame?

You have nothing left to do .

But, drench away

in the rain.

This sixth collision

has me sick.

As I hear that watch tick .

Away through our lives.

Hours wasted every night.

I stagger on a hill of gold.

Where I feel emotions

growing bold.

Gaining strength to release

this hurt.

That has been with me

since the day of birth.

The heavens have sent her.

To melt the winter.

Corpse of December .

Forgotten for a thousand years.

Awaiting the end of freezing tears.

A world of love

Is disguised as heaven.

As we repeat this massacre

named number seven.

Love and denial

as long as a million miles.

No shred of light

yet to be found.

On a never ending falter

of this seventh time around.

Yet , in my dreams.

She's all that I need.

In my dreams.

Our love is free.

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