What would the world actually be like if superheroes exist? The Gift tells the story of a boy name Raito learning that he possesses something called a Gift and now wishes to become a superhero thanks to the new powers he has. However, he's not the only Gift that exist. Raito makes friends with another Gift known as Flight and makes enemies with a Gift named Time Keeper. Friends and foes all warn Raito that using his powers to act as a superhero will only get him killed. Raito must choose to either be the superhero he wants to be or take everyone's advice and abandon that dream

Table of Contents

The Gift

Blood dripping from his mouth, Raito, points at his opponent. Raito’s white bodysuit armor is filled with rips revealing bruised and ... Read Chapter

Learning the Tricks

  As the final day of school wraps up, Raito starts the walk home when he spots his group of friends. Assuming they were makin... Read Chapter

My Reason

  Over the next couple of days, Raito has been sneaking out at night for his Gift training. The training was starting to pay off... Read Chapter

Time to Choose

  Today Raito was finally going to meet with Soul and finally get a better understanding of this new world Raito was going to ... Read Chapter

Bright Light

  After the meeting with Soul, Raito has been preparing himself to go out on his first ever patrol as his hero persona Wave. F... Read Chapter

A Gift Name Morph

  Raito decided to take a short break from being a hero after the fight with Blight. Despite being fully healed he could still... Read Chapter

Don't Fly Away

  By the time Raito and Morph were done with making Raito’s new costume, it was nearly midnight. Everyone had gone and left. S... Read Chapter

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