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the race was on. she either win and claim her prize or lose and surrender her trusted friend. but then again. it is a race.

Submitted: August 19, 2017

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Submitted: August 19, 2017



Death was upon Princess Lila.  As she tries to outrun death, she fell off her horse as the horse give out.

“Come on, Tiny, you can’t give up on me now,” said Princess Lila.

Death stop beside her as it looks her in the face.  No sudden movement or sound came from Princess Lila as she looks at Death.

“Do you need my assistance, princess?” jest Night.

She patted Death as Night came down to help Tiny.  He leads Tiny toward her once he was on its feet.  Handed her the rein and quickly ride on Death ahead.  She went in and grab a bottle of water off Tiny side pouch and give to Tiny to drink.

“I’m sorry, Tiny.”

  As she walks with Tiny back to her castle, Death and Night was waiting for her at the finishing line.

“May I?” said Night.

She went into Tiny pouch again and took out a letter as she handed to him.

“Thank you, princess,” said Night.

“You’ve earn it fair and square.  Don’t thanks me, Night,” said Princess Lila.

He bows his head down and then he took the rein from the princess as he leads both Death and Tiny back to rest.  As for her, she walks back to where the other princesses still gather.

“What happen to you?” ask Princess Vivian

“How was the race?” ask Princess Ava.

“Give her some space, princesses,” said Princess Natalia as she handed Princess Lila a cup of tea.

“As you all can see, I fell off Tiny and lost the race,” said Princess Lila as she took the cup from Princess Natalia hand and took a sip of it.

“Do you think Prince Francis will agree?” ask Princess Ava.

“I believe he should agree,” said Princess Lila.

“If not? What will you do?” ask Princess Vivian.

“I do not know,” said Princess Lila.

“I’m sure Lila will figure something out by the end of the day if Prince Frances does not agree but for now, can we come back to discussing what we should do for this year annual party?” said Princess Natalia.

“Prince Jone is reserve,” said Princess Ava.

“Other than that, what should we reserve? I want this year to be better than last year.  Over the top.  The grandest.  Magnificent,” said Princess Natalia. 

“You’re over thinking it, Princess Natalia.  Every year for the past hundreds of years, it has always been impressive outstanding done.  What more is there to do then enjoy the fun?” said Princess Lila. 

“It always good to do more than less, right princesses?” said Princess Natalia.

And so they continue on with their teas with the pleasure to the near future.

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