Boredom Run

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Life when it gets boring

Submitted: August 19, 2017

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Submitted: August 19, 2017



It’s so boring

That I’m thinking

Of taking my words

And just rewording


It’s such a bore

That I think I’ll

Empty my drawers

Just to see an empty drawer


I’m so bored

That I guess I’ll rattle

The sleep of memory

See what I can afford


Summer’s reward

Is to recalculate all

That’ been given

Called a living

Perched where I should’ve soared


Turned dark

That’s the price of boredom

Some carve wood

Others carve stardom

Others should

Split hairs of an old spark


But now I turn a life

Of tedious

Into a long run of reach

That stretches towards

The long awaited beach

Content to be curious


Aren’t you bored

It’s all the same?

Aren’t you sore

You found no one else to blame?

Are you sure

Of your game’s aim?

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