Majic: Chapter 20: Sacifice

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Chapter Twenty: Sacrifice


“So, let me get this straight. You used ancient magic to talk to The Dark One who might’ve given you false information. Then, believing it was true, you lock your sister up?Seriously?” asked Ella. “You’re joking.”

“No. And I need to keep her that way.” I said.

“Now word’s going around that you locked up your own sister, rumors are starting.” said Jacob. “You need to show that  you are still the queen they know. The Alimic. The one who payed for food she could have for free. The queen that stopped children from death.”

“I will. I just need time to think.” I said.

“You don’t have time to think. We are leaving in three days for the new Temple.” said The Matal. “They decided the earlier the better.”

“Who?” asked Jacob.

“The High Council. They’re already there, too.” The Matal said.

“Well, this is great.” I said. “Okay, I need to speak to Lucy. Right now.” I said, standing.

They hesitated, but The Matal nodded. “Alright. You can go. But I’m coming with you.”

“No. I need to do this myself.” I said.

The Matal thought for a moment, then nodded. “Okay. But come home soon.”

“I have no home.” I said as I opened the door.

I stepped out into the sunshine. The street was busy with soldiers marching around to classes, mission briefings, training, the usual. I walked down the street.

Of course, there were some who would stop, look at me for a moment, then stare. I’ve gotten used to it by now. I was out into the square courtyard and turned right. To the end of the street was the jail.

It was a dirty building with no decoration except guards and the iron bars for windows. I marched myself up the steps, careful not to panic or get emotional.

The guards didn’t stop me. They just opened the doors to let me in. I looked around. There were about thirteen cells, a desk, and some stairs leading upwards. Most cells were occupied with men and women in ragged fortas. The guards were all men, some heartrenders, some fireals, and one was an iceal.

The Iceal was the first to speak to me. “Are you here for the prisoner you ordered arrested yesterday?” he asked in a british accent.

“Yes.” I replied.

He nodded. “Upstairs to your left, all the way down.” he said.

I went up the creaky old stairs. The second story was just as bad. The prisoners were gross, old, and tired looking. And the smell was awful.

When I came to Lucy’s cell, the guard sad, “Should I leave?”

“Yes.” I said.

As he left, Lucy asked, “Why?”

“That was what I was going to ask you.” I said. “Why did you betray me?”

“I can rule the world. I can be in charge, and Majic will be more powerful than ever realized.” said Lucy. “But you were a threat. I needed to help him get rid of you.”

“You were my friend.” I said. “My sister. I trusted you. Now, it’s too late. I am leaving the base soon. You are coming with me. You will always stay within my line of sight, and that’s final. Because I can’t trust you, or let you get in my way.”

That’s when I turned and left.




As the horses were saddled up, I saw Lucy on her horse with two guards next to her: Jacob and an Iceal. I had told both of them that no matter what, I needed her alive. She could get hurt, but not killed.

Ella, Alina, and I were on our horses as The Matal was getting the last bits checked out.

“Well, Stacy, we should be at the Temple tonight. It’s a short while away but we’ll get there.”

“Thanks.” I said. “SO, are we going?”

“Yes, speedy, we are.” he said.

As the base began to fade from sight, I began to look for Lucy amongst the vast crowd of soldiers. Sure enough, she wasn’t far away. I kept an eye for her throughout the day.

As always, traveling was long and hard, until we came across something. We suddenly stopped in the middle of vast prairie.

“Your Majesties, a group of non-majics have been spotted on our lands. Should we take them out?” asked a guard.

“No, just see what’s wrong. If they look like they need help, help them, then send them on their way.” I said.

“Agreed.” said The Matal.

The guard took three of his fellows with him, then went out to the non-majics. Meanwhile, I was watching Lucy, who watched the non-majics with curiosity.

“Why are non-majics in the middle of such vast lands?” asked The Matal with curiosity.

“I don’t know. They couldn’t have gotten lost, could they?” I asked. “Maybe stranded?”

“No, that doesn’t make sense.” said The Matal.

I saw a flash from the corner of my eye. I looked at the non-majical group.

“Matal?” I asked.

“Wasn’t me.” he said.

One of the guards were running back. “Ma’am, one can summon light. And she claims to be your sister.” he said quietly.

I looked at The Matal, then at Jacob, who caught my eye. I sighed.

“Jacob, watch her. Nothing funny.” I said.

“As you wish.” said Jacob.

The Matal and I rode to the group with the soldier. It was a ragtag group- two men, three girls, all with ripped, stained, dirty clothing. One looked distinctly familiar, as you can tell.

“Which one of you can summon?” I asked.

They looked at each other. “Well, I can,” said one. She had brown, long hair, and hazel eyes.

“Show me.” I said.

“I can’t control it.” she said.

“Well, we aren’t going anywhere until you prove that you can summon.” I said.

She took a breath, then lit up her hand. I looked, then said, “Alright.”

She stopped it, then said, “Er, you know I’m-”

“Yes, Julia, I know.” I said. “And if you see Lucy, your are forbidden to speak with her.”

“Lucy?” she asked.

“Yes. Now, do we have any extra horses?” I asked.

“Yes, majesty, only three.” said a guard.

“Then they can share. You are to stay next to me Julia. The rest of you can tag along.” I said. “That’s final.”

I went back to the group with the others. I whispered to Jacob, “It’s true. I need you to make sure she stays away from Lucy, at all costs.”

“Consider it done.” he murmured.

I got back into the middle with the Matal.

“I don’t like this.” he murmured. “It could be another trap.”

“Maybe, but there is only one way to find out.” I said.

Julia came next to me. “So… care to explain, little sister?”

“We’ll talk more later. But what you need to know is that I am the Queen, and he is the King.” I said, pointing to The Matal. “So what we say goes, got it?”

“Yeesh, when have you become all melodramatic?” she asked.

“It’s not. It’s called responsibility, and I have it.” I said.

We got moving again, and it wasn’t until dusk we came to The New Temple. It was grand, stone building with huge triple-layered walls. Much like the old temple, it had a small town outside of the building, a school, and a lake. The lake was much smaller by far, but nonetheless was it grand.

“It’s much smaller.” I said.

“Yes, well, resources were low.” said The Matal.

“When this war is over, we’re getting an extension.” I said.

The large wooden doors entered with pleasure. The city cheered and shouted at the sight of the King and Queen. I smiled as we paraded through the city.

“How are they happy? We’re at war.” said Julia. “At least, that’s what I’ve heard.”

I raised a brow, then said, “They see hope.”

As we came to The New Temple, I could see part of the Council that is alive- Kunkou and Werer. As The Matal helped me off the horse, Werer stepped forward. “It’s good to see you again, Majesties. We offer our condolences for Natalie and John.

“Yes, she was a remarkable oceankeeper, and a councilor.” I said. “But we mustn’t lose faith. Are you all of the Council?”

“Yes. The replacements didn’t last very long. They were all shipped out to other bases, needed for battle. But we’ve been fine.” said Kunkou.

“Very well. I must see to some things done, then we, Jacob and Ella shall meet after dinner.” I said.

“Very well, Your Majesties.”

The two councilors bowed and left, while Jacob asked me, “Where do you want her?”

“Get her a guest room along with a guard. She’ll be watched twenty-four-seven. I need it.” I asked. “Please, Jacob.”

“Relax. I’ll get it done.” said Jacob.

He bowed and left, while Julia came to me. “What about my friends?” she asked.

“We’ll see what we can do.” I said. I turned to a servant. “Would you please see that she and her guests have rooms? She’s with me.”

“Of course.” she said, bowing. “Come along, sweets.”

As she, Julia, and her friends were away, another servant asked, “Would you like me to show you to your rooms, majesties?” he asked.

“Yes. Please.” I said.

He showed us down a corridor, up some stairs, down another hallway, and to a huge room. It had a bed, dresser, bathroom, and balcony looking to the lake, a couch, two chairs, a table, and a desk with chair. I flopped down onto the couch.

“Ugh. I’m so tired.” I said.

“I am too. One thing nobody ever thinks about when you’re king or queen- no weekends.” said The Matal.

“I already have to deal with Lucy, now Julia? She’s supposed to be dead.” I said.

“Okay, well, how about you call her up and ask her. She’ll explain. But we might need her. If she can summon-”

A guard burst in. “Forgive me, majesties, but it’s an emergency.”

“Please don’t say it’s my sisters.” I said.

“It is, majesties.”

“What did I tell her?” I said. The guard led us to them.

It was in the Great Hall. Lucy had darkness swirling around her, while Julia was overpowering with light.

“You left me!” roared Julia.

“You are worth nothing to The Dark One!” Lucy countered.

Gasps ran through the crowd. I saw Jacob, unconscious on the floor. I was in somewhat awe of that, other side horrified.

“Matal, take care of Lucy, I’ll stop Julia, done?” I said.

“Done.” he said.

We both stepped in the middle of the fight. The Matal encased Lucy in light while I stopped Julia.

“Julia, stop!” I said.

“No, I can’t.”

“You must!” I growled.

“No, really, I don’t know how.” she said.

I rolled my eyes and then waved my hand. A powerful flash of darkness appeared and stopped the light.

Heartrenders knocked Lucy out while I dragged Julia away.

“Guards, put her in her room and Keep her there!” I snapped.

I dragged Julia all the way to my room.

“What the hell were you thinking?” I growled.

“I needed to see my sister! Something was wrong, that was clear!” she shouted.

“Argh, okay, just, stop! How did you live?”

“That evil dude broke in. He killed Mom and Dad. I was knocked out. It turned out he hit the whole city, and only me and those guys were able to escape.”

“How did you end up here?” I asked.

“Well, I don’t know. We all fell asleep one night, then woke in the middle of nowhere. No idea how it happened, I swear.” she said. “We kept traveling for days. We were able to keep alive with the food we were able to find before, but after that, nothing. We’ve been starving.”

“And how were you able to find your powers?” I asked.

“I don’t know, it just happened.” said Julia.

“Fine, who are the friends?” I asked.

“Just some friends of mine. Oh, and Becky.” she said.

I nearly choked on air. “I’m sorry? Are you kidding me?”

“Hey, she was alone, okay, just…”

“Fine. Go back to your friends, now. I’m done for now.” I said.

“Fine.” said Julia.

She got up and walked out. I put my head in my hands as The Matal came in.

“Are you alright?” he asked, walking next to me.

“No. Now I have both of them to deal with. And you know how I found my powers?”

“Yeah. Got in a fight with some girl. Pretty dramatic, as the principal told me.”

I didn’t even ask how. “Yeah. She brought that girl with her.”

“Oh. Great.” said The Matal.

“Yes, exactly. Ugh. Listen, is Jacob awake yet?” I said.

“No. Healers said he’ll be around soon.” he said.

“Excellent. We need a meeting.” I said.




“Council, I am sorry to rush this. As you know, my two sisters are alive, and sadly can summon. Now we have a weapon from The Dark One, and a survivor of death. I know this causes a problem, but I may need them.” I said.

“The older one, Julia? She can be handy, if trained properly.” said Werer.

“Yes, she can. I need to start training her asap. Another thing on my to-do list. Lucy however…”

“She needs to be kept under control.” said The Matal. “She has… information, and also power.”

“Keep her away from the others.” said Kunkou. “It’s the best choice. We can’t let her get close to anyone else.”

“It’s the best choice.” I said.

“We also need to replace Yul, Sod, Natalie and Jen. That means a new tailor, Iceal, oceankeeper, and gravitio. Oh, and a temporary replacement for John. Any ideas?” asked Ella.

“How about Alina?” asked Jacob. “She’s skilled, and being close to the queen, she has some leadership.”

“How about we put it to a vote for each Majic group, therefore they decide.” said Werer. “I have been working on a election machine…”

“That sounds good to me.” said Ella.

“Its settled then. We’ll have them vote.” said The Matal.

“Jacob, can you set up a watch for Lucy, round the clock?” I asked.

“Got it.” said Jacob.

“Werer, set the machine up in the Main Hall.” I said.

“As you wish.” she said.

“I’ll start training Julia.” I said. “If we can teach her to control it…”

“It’ll be a point for us.” said Kunkou.

“Exactly.” I said.

“Very well. You all know what to do. Dismissed.” said The Matal.




The next few weeks were rough. There was meeting after meeting, plan after plan, and message after message. I had to nearly run to every meeting, and talk through every plan. It was tiring.

I had started training Julia. She was reluctant about it at first, but after a taste of what her power can do, she began to improve. Soon, I had her focusing light on certain objects, having it bounce off walls and mirrors. I had her do low, steady gleams of light, then waves of light and warmth.

The Matal, however, wasn’t improving. He became more stressed, more tense. He had a nation of Majics counting on him, and I feared was was soon going to crack.

One morning I got up, tired. I dressed into a fine forta of blue silk. It had my symbol in full color stitched onto the back. On the hem, small suns and moons were pinned onto the fine piece of clothing.

Alina came in. “Perfect choice.” she said. “Your tailor instincts really are taking over.”

Together, we did makeup, and chose perfect jewelry to wear. Alina did my hair in a bun except for one strand that she let dangle loosely behind my ear. My brown hair was nice.

The Matal came in and smiled. “You look nice.” he offered. He was trying. I knew he loved me, but with the stress, it wasn’t helping.

“What needs doing and signing today?” I asked.

“Well, the new council members have been elected.” he said. “It’s Alina, Andrew, Orago, and Frank.”

Alina smiled. “I was wondering when you’d get the message.”

I hugged her. “Now everybody I know are council members. Yippee for me.”

She laughed.

The Matal, Alina and I left for breakfast. It wasn’t amazing. The Matal had ordered as much food as possible to our underground and overground troops. So the food we ate wasn’t amazing, but we had nothing else.

We went to three meeting that day. My personal Council and I always met. The Matal, Alina, Ella and Jacob were important to me. They were always sharing my insight.

“We don’t have much more supplies, moral is running low, and we’re on the brink of defeat.” said Jacob. “We need something, anything.”

“Do we have any allies?” I asked.

“No. Well, one.” said Jacob. “But…”

The Matal caught his gaze. I watched the two of them. “But?”

“How long do you think it’ll take?” asked The Matal.

“A few days, at least. You’ll need to get her to join you.” said Jacob.

“Who?” I asked like an owl.

The Matal shook his head. “She won’t. You know that.”

“But if we can maybe sway her not to join war, but maybe to help bring peace…” Jacob’s voice trailed of.

“Again, another option we cannot execute.” argued The Matal.

“We need her to help us. She knows the soldiers better than anyone, she’s been in a pot of leadership before, and she knows him like no one else.” said Jacob.

“Who are you talking about?!” I asked. Not in fury, just curious so bad I wanted to yell.

The Matal sighed again. “We need the only woman who can help us. Our mother.”

I gasped. “What?”

“Stacy, she was a queen. She knows her sons like no one else. And she’s famous amongst troops. Seriously, she knows almost every one of them.” said Jacob.

“It is a good option.” said Alina.

I nodded. “Alright. The Matal and I will go ourselves, and we’ll bring her back.”

A messenger rushed in. “Majesties! It’s an emergency!”

I shot up, but The Matal was faster. “What is it?”

Seriously. If we have another attack on this damn temple, I will make The Dark One rebuild it himself, brick by brick.

“The Dark One has all the students in the United Kingdom!” he squealed. “He’s going to kill them himself one by one.”

Before any more questions were asked, I asked, “Where did you get the information?”

“From our spies in the UK. They sent a message of the plans a week ago! We don’t know if the students are alive!”

“Everybody, get out.” I said. “Now.”

“No way.” said The Matal, instantly knowing. “Stacy, it’s too dangerous.”

“I need to know. But I can’t if you don’t let me.” I said. I cradled his face in my hand. “Please.”

“It’s too risky.” he rasped.

“But it’s the only way.” I said.

“Let me go with you. Try, please.” he said.

I sighed. “Okay. The rest of you, go.” I said.

The others bowed and left. I took The Matal’s hand in mine, then said, “Here goes nothing.”

I went across the connection, bringing him with me.

We appeared in a camp. It had large, black tents everywhere. Hooded guards were everywhere. They couldn’t see us, though.

We spotted him immediately. He was exiting a tent, and I was guessing he was headed towards or leaving the tent with the children. His eyes flashed with fear, but then he hid it, walking smoothly towards a tent. We followed, and then he went to his quarters. Again, all black.

“What do you want?” I asked.

“Stacy, it’s so obvious.” he said. “I want you.”

“Why? We’re happy with each other.” I said.

“My brother and you will never be as powerful as I.” he said. I realized he didn’t see The Matal- he was invisible, because he didn’t have the connection like I did.

“We will be and more.” I said. “I’m already wed. I can’t marry another. And I won’t.”

He smiled. “I can change that thought. I’ll strike a deal. You meet at that lovely base of yours with my guards. They will have the children. We swap, and they go free.”

“How much time do I have?” I asked.

“A day.” he said.


“Really?” he asked. “No questions? No pleads?”

“Sorry to be boring, but a Queen and King must sacrifice anything for others. Besides, I always seem to end up fine.” I said, shrugging. “Two things you will never understand.”

And with that, I let go. The Matal and I were back, standing, alone.


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