Underground Secrets

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Submitted: August 20, 2017

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Submitted: August 19, 2017



The sound of rain

on your rooftop.

Sounds like driving nails.

As loud as the train to San Antonio .

Close to being derailed.

You can't sleep .

You find it hard to breath.

The pain in the August air.

Is becoming too deep .

You toss and turn .

As the candles burn.

Your crying lonely heart.

Is awaiting it's turn.

For love.

There's magic in the night.

A fragile heart willing to fight.

To make all of the wrongs in life.

Become proven and made right .

He watches you from a distance.

You're a secret kept hidden.

Unaware in the mid of day.

That you are the one

for which he prays.

Followed around

as the sun falls down .

Feeding his eyes

his heart is wound.

Wrapped In vines.

That twine and tangle.

He's the silence in your room .

He's your guardian angel.

Crystal water

soaking a beautiful mane.

Your the pleasure of his sights.

Your the love

that heals his pain .

Roses left on your front lawn .

Freshly plucked

before the dawn.

Who cares this much

drives you insane.

You are the fire

of a secret flame.

As the storm rolls over

the Dakota plains .

His mission is your heart.

A stallion to tame.

Sleeping soundly.

His presence to blame.

His violin cries

like a midnight train .

As the evening grows quiet.

Nature at rest.

The steam of soft hands.

Placed love in a vest.

Golden hair

with dark brown roots .

Soft brown eyes.

Hide the living proof.

That nowhere is aging.

From the forgotten youth.

Rain falls down.

When he's still around.

Awaiting to reveal

the secrets underground.

Moonlight vision

a path to recognition.

As a loner plays a song.

You realize you knew him

all along.

A silent love kept forbidden.

Until , your heart wanted more.

Than the secrets kept hidden.

As the light broke apart

the raging clouds.

A man with direction

has finally been found.

Searching far .

Yet, living near.

The sound of love

traveling on the air.

A lonely heart can love at last.

For he left his secrets

In the past.

Every night you pray .

That he will stay.

Next to you

in the candle's light.

As they sleep in silence.

As his violin cries.

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